Here’s How To Boost Your Beauty And Detox Your Body In Just One Week

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We are all guilty of pigging out, and it always leaves us feeling deflated, so here’s how to detox your body in just one week!

We know how it is, you have the best intentions but you end up having a crazy week pigging out at McDonald’s, guzzling fizzy drinks and just feeding yourself with whatever you can grab, and at the end of the week you feel deflated and lethargic. Luckily you can turn it around in just one week – so here’s how to detox your body and mind fast!



Nourish yourself from within and start with your mind. Analyze your attitude towards food by practising mindfulness, be mindful of what you eat and why you’re eating it. It’s better to eat something nourishing and healthy than it is to grab a burger. Here’s why every 20-something should be mindful.


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Evening meals and lunches are so easy to grab from unhealthy places, so you should create a meal plan and aim to make extra of all your meals so you can take them to lunch with you. Go for lean meats, fish, dark leafy greens, fruits and nuts. Check out our article on simple food swaps you can make for better skin to see the full list of detox foods.


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Snack smart and opt for healthy peanut butter balls over chocolate bars and snack bags, or pack a small box with fruits, nuts, seeds and berries. Dark chocolate is also great for detoxing.



Drink tonnes of water, in fact, choose water over any other drink besides tea. An infuser will ensure you have the healthiest drink around, plus you can download an app like Daily Water to keep tabs on how much water you’re drinking.



Do a quick HIIT routine every day for 7 days to sweat out toxins and burn away fats you’ve ingested. After your work-out routine, use a body brush and exfoliate your body to promote the flow of blood and bring a glow back to your skin.


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    Nice tips!

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    Awesome tips

  • Krystal Yabor

    Detoxing your mind is so important! When all of our decisions stem from our thoughts it pays to be mindful for sure. Thanks for the great tips!

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    Great post, going to keep this in mind.

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    Nice tips ! I just have struggles to create a 7 day meal plan, because I’m often out for dinner, but there are often healthy choices too, I just have to pick those haha – x

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    Great tips, I never thought of using a body brush after exercising but it makes sense!

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    Great tips. I’m trying to get my husband on board with healthier choices (it’s so much easier with a partner!) I’m going to make the peanut butter energy balls as an incentive!

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    Will try the scrubbing after work out, Massages are important as well.

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