Diary Of A Career Girl : A Day In The Life Of A Digital Influencer Agent

There are so many careers out there, an appointment with your careers advisor might not have even scratched the surface, which is why we’ve started the Career Girl diary feature, a chance for everyone to get a taste at a day or week in the life of some amazing career girls – kicking it off is fabulous digital influencer agent Lucy Pilz!

“How did I get so lucky to do something I seriously love?!”


If there are two words to describe what it is like being a Digital Influencer Booker/Agent at MiLK Management, it would be frantically wonderful. I know, I know – very contrasting – but honestly, not a day goes by where the whirlwind of bookings, events, calls, appointments, hundreds of emails and super long emails (what even is a social life?) doesn’t make me smile and think, “How did I get so lucky to do something I seriously love?!”

Sure, my life is an eternal tornado of franticness, especially as my division is brand new, but then there is a massive sense of achievement and the fact that I get to assist others achieving their goals online, which is pretty rewarding. I know I’m not saving lives, but I get to go home every day and know that I am helping people out in some way.

There is no typical day for me but there is one consistency – that it is always busy. Here is a snippet of one of my days to get an idea of what my week involves.


My day:

Wake up, get ready and run out the door.

Text my talent to let them know I am on my way to the hotel.

Talent is in hair and makeup. I sit with her and chat whilst scrolling through the emails from last night (I work with clients all across the world so I don’t really have one time zone). This morning I have to ensure one of my talent has her boarding details for a press trip and another talent is ready for her video shoot in Barcelona. I check in with them and they are both super pumped. Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly.

Frantic last minute call from the agency doing the shoot in Barcelona – clothes haven’t arrived at the office. I spend the next 60 minutes calling PR agencies in Barcelona to try and source some clothing for the shoot, at the same time trying to get a booking form filled in for a last-minute social media booking for another talent.

By now I have responded to 46 emails whilst downed 2 coffees and managed to secure an outfit for the shoot the next day in Barcelona via a lovely PR agency who spoke minimal English.

The photographers arrive at the photo call at the hotel. Everything runs smoothly (and on time) and I have approval on the shots taken that day. After approval, I ensure the talent uploads a photo to Instagram as per her contract with the brand, and make my back to the office.

I spend the next hour getting on top of emails again and then request further details on 3 bookings for next month so I can fill in my booking form correctly. My booking forms are bible – they allow me to manage the expectation of the influencer and brand and ensure that any images the influencer produces are used appropriately. Some brands can be naughty and use images in arenas not approved, so I have to ensure I clearly state where images and content can be used in these forms so everyone is on the same page.

I manage to shovel down a sandwich and Diet Coke and then jump on a phone call to one of the agency’s major models in LA to chat about up-and-coming work and potential brands she would love to work with.

The phone call took longer than I thought but I got most of what I needed. I spend the next hour emailing US clients to introduce my talent and send over her media kit (she has over 1.1 million Instagram followers). I really like tailoring all my emails to individuals – I don’t like the usual copy and paste. I like to get to know each PR, brand, agency and client on a deeper level. What sets MiLK apart from other agencies is the proactive approach. I don’t wait for brands to approach or reach out to me – I actively seek work for my talent and introduce MiLK as an agency. Whilst it is super time-consuming and quite tiring, I do think it is the best way to make an impact.

It’s that time of the year – everyone has press showings so after I tackle the mountain of admin and emails filling up my inbox, I venture out to 2 press days that I was invited to, introduce myself and the new division then see what is new this coming summer season.

I get back into the office and send out my last booking forms for the day.

I endeavour to tie up all my admin whilst everyone else has gone for the day. I like being alone in the office some days as I like the peace and quiet (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my team, but I thrive in a quiet environment). I spend the next 2 hours building 2 media kits for 2 new influencers, and then adding their profile to the system/website.

I lock up and venture back home and manage to fall asleep around 12.30 am.

I LOVE what I do. Who else can say they get to work with amazing brands, talent, attend exclusive events and wake up every morning appreciating the fact that they live in a teeming mecca that is London?! Not many!

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Twitter @SkeeterAndScout

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