Diary Of A Travel Blogger: 6 Insider Tips on Ibiza

Every Career Girl deserves to let loose and celebrate her accomplishments, and one of my favourite holiday destinations to do this is the island of Ibiza! This island is so much more than its hard-partying reputation! When I visited Ibiza for the first time last year, I was feeling frustrated with my career, and I was also pretty burnt out from working 60 hours per week. Spending a week in Ibiza allowed me to relax, rejuvenated and reconnect. I returned to my home office feeling more motivated than ever! Sound intriguing? Here’re six ways to get the most out of your vacation in Ibiza:


Understand the island
Although Ibiza is pretty small, the separate towns on the island are dramatically different. For example, San Antonio is very cheap and always filled with drunk vacationers stumbling down the street alongside cheesy souvenir shops. Ibiza Town is a whole other vibe! This area has beautiful hotels, boutique shops, and great restaurants. Ibiza Town is also the transportation hub so getting anywhere from here is a breeze.

Pick a killer hotel
High up on the high in Ibiza Town is an area called Dalt Vila, which is home to my favourite hotel in Ibiza: El Corsario! This stunning hotel is the perfect balance of affordability and luxury. Our room had a stellar view of the Ibiza Port, and the whole island looked spectacular when it lit up at night. Before heading out one night, I climbed through the window to sit on the edge with a glass of wine in hand to take in the view. This hotel perfectly captures the spirit of Ibiza!Kelly Ella Maz_Ushuaia

Dance until dawn
Of course, no one comes to Ibiza without visiting at least one nightclub. It is what Ibiza is known for, and they should not be missed. My favorite nightclub is actually more of an evening club. Ushuaia has parties that run from 4pm until midnight with headliners like Armin Van Buuren keeping you dancing as the sun sets in front of you – amazing!Kelly Ella Maz_Hotel El Corsario

Fuel up with nutritious eats
After a late night in Ibiza, every savvy chic knows the importance of nourishing your body. Head to Es Tap Nou for an amazing breakfast (or lunch). This tiny restaurant is actually part of a produce shop! When you order a fresh juice, you’ll literally see the staff select fruit from the just-delivered crates in the store to make it for you. Salads, sandwiches and juices are all unbelievably tasty here – and that’s why I love to start every day in Ibiza here.Kelly Ella Maz_Las Salinas

Unwind at a gorgeous beach
Ibiza makes my list of “Top Three Beaches in the World” with its tropical waters, dramatic coastlines and powdery sand. Rent a car or take a bus to Las Salinas, Cala Bassa or Cala Conta for a relaxing day. At Las Salinas, we walked as far as we could from the main section of the beach until we came to a secluded beach hidden behind large rocks. It felt like we were the only people in Ibiza – our own private slice of paradise!

Eat dinner at Café del Mar
The legendary Café del mar is hands down my best Ibiza memory, and it’s certainly something I highly recommend. We paid a hefty price tag for a front-row table (closest to the beach) for an uninterrupted view of the sunset, and it was well worth it. Not only was the sunset beautiful, but also the food was incredible. We had some of the freshest sushi I’ve ever tasted accompanied by a bottle of bubbly. To top it off? The world-renowned chill house music that Café del Mar is best known for!

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Photos: Getty, Kelly’s own