How Your Distant Facebook Friends Could Be The Key To Your Dreams


So your immediate friends are most likely to get you a job, right? I have friends who are constantly telling me of someone they want me to meet, or so-and-so who’s an aspiring writer. But apparently it’s those long-forgotten Facebook friends, gathering dust in the bottom of your friends list, that are more likely to act and get you what you want.

Strange as it may sound, it’s true. Think of the couple of ‘friends’ you have that might get an occasional like or a ‘happy birthday’, would you really be talking to them if not for the glorious invention of Facebook? Well, those few friends might just get your career on track!

According to Fast Company, weaker connections are more likely to deliver good results. A paper published in the Journal of Labor Economics, analyzed data from U.S. Facebook users. They found that most people find a job through on of their numerous weaker ties, and found out that both strong and weak ties are important. So don’t neglect your ex kindergarten best friend anymore.

Stronger ties, including close friends and family – are valuable in your job search because of their quality, but weaker ties are valuable because of their quantity. They found that 90% of jobs come from weaker ties, those friend-of-friends or old friends that might post about a job opportunity or send a message with you in mind. Just like real networking, it’s all about who you know. So next time you want to do a Facebook cleanse, think about your career.


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  1. I haven’t thought about this. When you mentioned it, I suddenly realized that opportunities I had, many came from old-friends or friends-of-friends. Now, I have to think twice before I unfollow or delete someone in my FB friends list.xx

  2. Noted. I tend to do a Facebook cleanse and I’ll heed this the next time.

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