6 DIY Christmas Gifts That Look Like They Came From A Store


Every year, my friends and I get together just before Christmas to share gifts and have a dinner. It started with 8 people and has almost doubled in the last few years. The only way I survive ‘Friendmas’ is by DIY-ing my Christmas gifts. From cosmetics to edibles, home-made gifts are the best way to produce a large number of presents on a budget. It takes a bit of planning but will be cheaper and more personal than buying sixteen bottles of wine! The results are great to give to friends and co-workers and you can batch-produce to save time and money.

When we think about DIY we tend to think of some poorly glued together obviously home-made gift, but these gifts are super chic and luxurious – they’ll never guess you made them!


1. Chunky wool knit 



You’ve seen these chunky knit throws everywhere, they make any space look instantly chic and cozy, but the price tag that comes with them can be quite steep. Don’t worry, you can absolutely make these yourself using a technique called arm knitting. The best thing about it is that it only takes 45 minutes. Use this tutorial to find out how it works, and get yourself an inexpensive kit from Etsy.


2. DIY Face Mask 



Whether it’s for your bestie or your sister, a DIY face mask with only the most natural and beautiful ingredients will definitely go a long way. Don’t worry, you can follow along with Soap Queen’s tutorial here, and buy some craft supply jars to put your mask in from here.


3. Marbled coasters 



These chic coasters are the perfect gift for friends with a chic home, and they’ll love to know that you made them yourself. It adds such a personal and unique touch to something they own. They look incredible, but they’re actually super easy to create! You would not guess how little time they take, I was shocked when I saw this tutorial. Find it here.


4. Tropical Ring Dishes 




Another super easy DIY to try is to make shallow ring and trinket dishes, you can hand paint them any way you want and add gold touches with spray paint or craft pens. An easy way to make any kind of pottery is to use polymer clay and bake it in the oven, it’s so therapeutic and fun too. Follow the tutorial here.


5. Refreshing Face Mist



Why don’t you try making some face mists that will help your loved ones feel calmer and refreshed? They’re not as difficult as you might think, all you’ll need is the spray bottles, you can print the labels from Design Love Fest and give it a go. Mix your chosen essential oils up, pop the label on top and you’ll have gifts for everyone! You can even box them up. Find the tutorial here.


6. Tassel Earrings 



These earrings are so on trend, it’ll be hard to believe you actually made these and didn’t buy them from the high street. You might need to practise a few times to get this right as it can be a little bit fiddly, but they’re seriously perfect gifts and look so expensive! Try the tutorial here.


What do you think of DIY-ing Christmas this year? Let us know in the comments below…



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  1. I don’t think I’m that talented when it comes to DIY but these look super simple AND really expensive. Never seen anything like this before, usually they look cheap and hard to do!
    *Hope my family don’t read this as they’re going to get DIY gifts disguised as designer purchases*
    Liza xoxo

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