You Can Do Whatever You Want No Matter How Old You Are

Age is just another excuse to make.

You Can Do Whatever You Want No Matter How Old You Are
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Phrases like “I’ll try it in two years when I’m old enough”; “I’m too old for this”; “Not in this life” are used way to often. If you really want something you should totally go for it. Especially young girls are often embarrassed by what they really want to do. If they want to go into Fashion others will call them just another fashion doll; if they want to go into business others will tell them to leave it to their future husbands. Most young girls who are still in high school will answer the question “What do you want to do later in life?” With I don’t know yet. But most of them do know and they are afraid to be judged on what they want to be. Which is ridiculous because what you want to be defines who you are, what passions you have and what you are good at, you should never ever be ashamed of that!

I think that if you want to get into something more creative you should start whenever you feel ready for it. For example if you want to start a blog because you want to work in Fashion later, go ahead and do it #careergirl Tavi Gevinson opened her blog when she was eleven and wrote for Harper’s bazaar at the age of 15. If you are afraid that others at school or college will make fun of you, do not listen to them. They won’t make fun of you when they graduate looking for a job and you graduate already making money from your blog. If you have a passion you should follow it, despite of what others say.

When you want to follow your Master of Arts do it and don’t become a lawyer because your parents want you to. You are not necessarily stuck with it for your entire life, but it is indeed a waste of time studying something you are not passionate about. The same goes for girls who already graduated college or are already working and do not enjoy what they are doing. It’s simple. Drop it and begin something new that you truly love. It’s never too late to decide to be a happier person living a life you actually want to live. !

So girls if you work hard enough there is a way of making your passion your paycheck. It won’t be an easy way together, but there is a way. Think outside the box do what it has to take and start living your life how you want to live it.



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This article is written by our new contributor Benita Ilgenstein!


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