Do You Really Need A Career Coach?

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These days it’s super easy to get a career coach, all you have to do is go online and do a quick search and you’ll get thousands of results. A career coach is anybody who offers services to help you sort out your career, finalize your goals or develop a web presence. But do you really need one? Is having a career coach a wise investment to make? Here are our thoughts:

There are only so many services you can pay for!

Success won’t come from an e-course or career coach if you aren’t willing to put in the work, and it’s important to know that just because you hired someone to help you out, it doesn’t mean you will automatically be on the path to success.

Do your research!

Honestly, we’d love to say that this wasn’t true, but there are a couple of career coaches who aren’t exactly qualified to do the job they’re doing, they may have a fancy website and some awesome sounding testimonials but they’ll probably take your money and leave you no better off! Research the coach first, find out if their services fit you and if others have had good experiences.

Know what you need

Find a career coach who can help you out in areas that you’re struggling with, for example if you’re struggling with branding or website design find a coach who specializes in online branding, if you need someone who can help you with writing copy or just getting a promotion, you’d need an entirely different coach.

Figure out if it’s really cost effective for you

Is it worth the investment to hire someone specifically to get you to where you want to be? Is it possible that you can find a mentor within your company or just rely on your friends and family to help you instead? If you have the money and it’s something that you really want – go for it, if you’re struggling to save, it’s probably not the best investment to make.

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