Does Success Have Anything To Do With The Way You Look?

Does Success Have Anything To Do With The Way You Look?
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What does success look like to you? Success is different for everybody, and successful people come in all shapes and sizes. Fundamentally success has nothing to do with looks, clothes or hairstyles, but here are a few things you should know if you’re wondering whether success has anything to do with the way you look.

The way you feel can hold you back.

I used to think that I wouldn’t be successful because I’m not super fashionable and I couldn’t afford to get my roots done, having spoken to a lot of my friends it seems that our perception of ourselves can change the way we act. If we think people won’t like us because we’re ‘ugly’, then we’re less likely to approach people and we’ll come off as cold or unfriendly. It’s important to love yourself, success can bring jealous people who will take advantage of your insecurities, so if you’re comfortable, you’re better equipped to take on the trolls and you’ll be a more approachable person!

What does a successful person actually look like?

Try and conjure up an image of what you think a successful person looks like. You probably won’t be able to nail specifics like nose shape and hair colour but you might think the perfect successful person is really in-shape, fit and healthy with a perfect body and resembles a model. That’s simply not true (except for actual models of course!) Successful people are just average people who worked to where they are today. Successful actors, TV presenters, artists, entrepreneurs, comedians and CEO’s all look completely different from one another!

What are the important qualities of successful people?

To be taken seriously in a business environment, it’s not looks that matter. Good looks are nothing without good qualities, after all. On first impressions, a smile and open body language will go a long way to make you seem open, trustworthy and friendly. Taking care of your presentation by wearing comfortable but well presented clothes is another must, and making sure you’re tidy is important too, you’re representing a company remember. However, those things are more about presentation than looks, if you’re starting your own company you should feel free to wear pyjamas to the office, just beware that people might see you as that eccentric business woman and not take you seriously until you break the market. Read our guide on being yourself and standing out!

We’re all beautiful!

At CGD we’re constantly trying to prove that you don’t need to look, act, or be a certain way to be a successful career girl. All of the core Career Girl team are completely different, we like different things and wear different clothes and make-up styles. Sometimes I have ‘impostor syndrome’ where I fear I’ll be found out for the unfashionable girl I am, slobbing out with no make-up on and watching Netflix all day, but then I remember that being a career girl means being focused on your success and wanting to reach your goals, it doesn’t mean you don’t slob out or make bad fashion choices, and it doesn’t mean that you don’t have bad hair (sometimes!) We are all beautiful if we stop putting ourselves down and realise that self-confidence doesn’t mean we’re self-involved and success is only what we make of it!

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