Don’t Forget To Pack: All The Essentials You Need In Your Gym Bag

Every time I go to the gym, I forget something. Whether it is my headphones, my water bottle or my yoga mat, there is always something I should have brought, but simply forget.

We probably all know how annoying it is to realize you forgot something, but you are already at the gym, and going back home is not an option (because then you will end up not getting back and watching Netflix in bed instead).

So to make all our lives a little easier, here are the gym essential you need to pack before going to the gym:

What are you missing here? Let us know and don’t forget to enter our fab Dior giveaway to bag yourself a pair of sexy summer sunglasses!

  1. Thanks for the gym bag essentials! I was wondering what facebook plugin you used so it would pop up when I visited the page? (:

    Naomi | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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