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Become The Most Productive Person You Know

Be more productive all day at work with this simple technique. Working in a busy office with a hundred and one things to do I used to pine for a twenty fifth hour in the day. One or two tasks from everyday’s ‘to do’ list would consistently be bumped onto the next, and the next, and the next. It became a never ending cycle that I needed to break.

Coming around to the inevitable truth that a genie probably wasn’t going to come and grant my wish for an extra hour, I decided to go in search of a way to make better use of the time I did have. Surely there was a way I could get everything done. After a lot of trawling the internet (and a little YouTubing of cats) I came across a technique that I found super easy, and super effective. The ‘Pomodoro Technique’.

The technique was invented by a chap named Francesco Cirillo, and named ‘Pomodoro’ after the tomato shaped cooking timer he used during his university studies. It works by breaking up your time into 25 minute, easy to digest and wonderfully efficient chunks. And then you get to take a break. That’s it! Simple.

We’ve all been in that dreaded 30-minutes-until-the-deadline-panic-mode, and time after time you manage to pull it out of the bag, right? Perhaps it’s the adrenaline kicking in, your fight or flight instinct or some chemical reaction in your brain that’s spurring you on. Well, this technique uses whatever it is that gets you going and makes you more productive throughout the day, not just in those final minutes.

Here’s how to put it into action with five easy steps:

1. Decide on your task

2. Set your ‘Pomodoro’ or timer to go off in 25 minutes

3. Concentrate on your task and only that until the alarm sounds

4. Take a 5 minute break

5. Repeat

After 4 Pomodoro’s or approximately 100 minutes you should take a longer break of around 15-30 minutes to re-charge. You can use Pomodoro’s to structure your whole day or just a few tasks, whatever works best for you. It’s a fantastic technique for procrastinators like me or people who find it hard to concentrate on one task all day. It’s also a great way to create a buzz around your work and give you a little adrenaline hit when you get it done.

There are loads of great apps you can use to help you with this technique, but all you really need is something to count up to 25 minutes and a little will-power. Using the technique not only boosts your productivity daily, but long term can also improve your attention span and concentration. Taking more breaks at work and getting more done, what’s not to love!

Written by Robyn

Featured Image: Istock

  1. I love this idea. I’m definitely going to try this today! I’m the worst procrastinator but when it comes down it I can really get stuff done but It takes a bit. I can see this giving me much less stress throughout the day and getting it all done.

    I also listen to classical music sometimes if I’m really under the wire. It sounds corny but it works. There’s a station on pandora that’s classical music for work but one of my favorites is not your parents classical music playlist on Spotify. It is classical covers of popular top 40 music. It’s so great.

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