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How To Efficiently Manage Your Project

The right mix of planning, monitoring, and controlling can make the difference in managing a project on time, on budget, and with great results.  Even if you’re not a project “manager” yet or you work on your own, but you’re still responsible for managing work. These 7 tips will help you to efficiently plan your work and manage your project.

7 Tips On How To Efficiently Manage Your Project

#1 – Think about the big picture
Understand where you want to go and how your plan will get you there. Set up deadlines and simple goals. Share your vision with other people and make sure your project’s expectations are set.

#2 – Communicate like a pro
Be clear, concise, and honest in your communication. Getting to know the people you work with and understand how they work and communicate is important when trying to motivate a team and accomplish deadlines or even simple goals.

#3- Think in detail
The more clearly you describe your goals, the more easily people can understand the benefits of their work.  And the more clearly you define your intended goals, the better they can perform the work successfully.

#4 -Be a chameleon
Change your communication strategy from project to project. Be a “can do” person: Look at all problems as challenges, and do everything you can to find ways to overcome them. Be creative, flexible, and tenacious. Keep working at the problem until you solve it.

#5 – Keep track of your status
Status meetings and reports can be invaluable  because you’re keeping track of next steps, action item, and risks. Use a weekly status report to stay on top of your work.

#6- Focus on people’s strengths
Focus on people’s strengths rather than their weaknesses. In each person on your team, find a quality that you can respect. People work harder and enjoy their work more when they’re around others who appreciate them and their efforts.

#7-  Set goals 
When you’re setting expectations with your team or for yourself,  make sure you cover scope, deadlines and any other details that may play into how you will make a project successful.

There is no doubt that managing a project is one of the most challenging and rewarding career paths you can take. Just make sure you’re highly organized and process driven, but being an easygoing, adaptable person who genuinely likes a good challenge will make your project a success.

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Source, The Good Project Manager


  1. The key I think is communication!! Sometimes there’s misunderstandings all because we don’t communicate as good as we should!! Thanks for the tips!! great post!! xx

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  2. I’m an Account Manager but I always have to change into a Project Manager like a superwoman. These tips are prefect & right now I can’t even think of any addition. Let’s all be superwomen!! x

  3. This is great! At times when working toward something we want, we get distracted or discouraged because we don’t see immediate results. Making a list like this will really help people put their dreams and goals into action!


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