Don’t miss: 8 minute workout for an amazing butt!

We love good workout videos and with summer just a few months away it is time to get back into shape and work on our Beyonce butt. If you have not started yet, no more excuses, this is the perfect time to get healthy and ready for summer.

Time is always an issue with working out, busy schedules and social life leave little time for a good gym session. Luckily for us there are fit-girls out there who make our life a little bit easier by making short work-out video’s that work!

This work-out routine will help you lift your butt and get your own Beyonce bum. So put your gym clothes and trainers on, it is time for an 8-minute butt workout!

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  • frankie

    cause who doesn’t want an are like the queen B! I might have to give this work out a try :)

  • Abbie

    I LOVE quick workouts that tone targeted parts of your body. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Taylor Guinn

    Love this! I’m currently doing pilates but I may need to take a break and give this video a try!

  • Eden

    Definitely need to add this to my routine, thanks!

  • Kasey LK

    Decided to add this to my 30day fitness challenge!
    if you want to check out my

  • Gemma Carey

    I love the gym gear! I always think it’s good to invest in good sportswear so you feel good working out!

  • Abriel

    Definitely will be adding this to my workout! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lovely Sharice

    Less than 3 months until summer? Oh yes I will definitely be trying it. Currently training for a 5k as well.

  • Lisa @ Strum Simmer Sip

    I love how quick and efficient this is! I am not a morning person but think I could squeeze in 8 extra minutes for this booty burner. Thanks for sharing! xx L

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