Don’t Miss: How To Eat Whatever You Want Without Gaining Weight

Imagine a lifestyle where you can eat whatever you want without gaining weight. You only eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. This method is called intuitive eating and it’s a way of eating that helps you to have a healthy relationship with food and you body. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to eat whatever you want without worrying about it.

Eat Whatever You Want Without Gaining Weight

How To Eat Whatever You Want Without Gaining Weight

1. Stop dieting and start living
Diets don’t work, if you want to lose weight and keep it off or just want to be a healthier version of yourself, you have to make a lifestyle change. Diets give you rules about when and what you should eat.

2. Eat when you’re hungry
Hunger is your body’s way of telling you to eat. Nourish your body by eating when  mild hunger kicks in and eat before you get ravenous.  Waiting until you’re extremely hungry may lead you to overeat.

3. Make Peace with Food
Slow down and eat slowly, without distraction. Give yourself unconditional permission to eat. If it’s a piece of chocolate or cake, go ahead and enjoy it without guilt

4. Don’t expect yourself to eat perfectly
Stop categorizing food as good or bad.  Don’t expect yourself to eat perfectly — it’s not possible or even necessary.

5. Stop eating when you’re full
Learn to identify when you’re comfortably full. It’s the point when you’re no longer hungry and the food you’re eating is losing its enjoyability.

6. Make eating enjoyable
Eating should be an enjoyable, satisfying experience. Make it a special moment, set the table and sit down to eat. Value quality over quantity.

7. Don’t use food to honor your feelings 
Eating shouldn’t be your main source of comfort. There are other ways to deal with your feelings that are not food-related. Take a bath, call a friend, write down your feelings or take a walk.

8. Respect Your Body
Accept and respect your body as it is now, whatever shape and size you are.

9. Exercise for your health 
If you’re exercising just to burn calories, then it becomes boring. Exercise for health and energy, not to earn the right to eat or pay penance for eating a “bad food.”

10. Honor Your Health
When you start realizing how food actually tastes and how your body feels when you eat, then you’ll also start noticing that some foods make you feel better than others.

Eating whatever I want has changed my life and made me happier and healthier person. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin for more updates and an amazing giveaway coming up very soon!


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  1. I think the main problem of many people is that they aren’t aware of the needs of their body. They started a lifestyle which isn’t really good for their health (including the weigh) without even knowing. As a model I am very aware of my body because

    a. I need to be
    b. I want to be.

    I’ve always been skinny and I never had to supervise my eating habits. Fortunately I assume that I might eat healthy because I was raised to eat like this. I’m also a vegetarian since 2013 now so this might support me as well.
    When I am looking around my friends (beside my bf, he’s eating the same as I do), I always realize that people eat really a lot of crap and still seem to enjoy it. I think that’s one of the main problems. It’s not only about weight, it’s about health, I hope that more and more people will realize this. You could write a whole blog post about number 10 on your list. :)

    Anyway, I like your tips!

    Kat from Teastories

  2. Love this advice! I’m trying ti implement more of these methods into my daily routine.

  3. Great advice, as always! I’ve been trying to be more conscious of hunger and recognizing boredom, but it is so darn hard!

  4. you are always posting the same things over and over! Come up with something new, it is getting boring!

  5. Oh thank you very much for this post. Intuitive eating is the key to happiness and health and many many girls out there can’t seem to understand that. Seriously screw those diets, they only are destroying your metabolism…

    I’m a stress and emotive eater myself and hell I always eat when I’m bored… definitely need to work on that :D

    Love from Austria,

  6. Really great tips! My problem is I keep eating when I’m not hungry – I don’t like to throw food away :(

  7. So helpful to read this. I’ve always eaten healthily but as you get older, I think you need to be more aware of which foods are good for you and when to stop eating!
    Life inside the Locket

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