This Doctor Can Tell What You Eat Just By Looking At You

Do you have a gluten, wine or dairy face?  You might think ‘What kind of question is that?’ but these terms are actually a thing in the medical world.

Very talented celebrity Dr. Nigma Talib claims she can tell diet problems by just looking at someone’s face. She is one of the most successful doctors in her field and celebrities like Sienna Miller and successful businesswoman Charlotte Tilbury are just 2 names on her list of celebrity clients.

Having a gluten, wine (which I most certainly will have) or dairy face aren’t downgrading terms, Talib uses them to characterize the symptoms on someone’s skin, which proves that your diet has a major impact on your appearance.

Charlotte Tilbury invited Dr. Nigma Talib to the launch of one of her new lines, where Talib did some face readings and told people what their diet problems were: “I saw at least 100 people that day and everything I was telling them was spot-on. You can see so much about somebody’s health from their face, in terms of texture, pigmentation, spots or blemishes, creases in the skin and so on.”

She explains “Dairy face is quite bloated with dark circles, wine face is dehydrated, so lines are more pronounced, and gluten face is actually belly bloat, which also shows up as puffiness in the face,”.

Sun, cigarettes and alcohol are skin suicide, while sleep does wonders for your skin. Dr. Nigma Talib believes in educating people in order to help them to correct their own health problems by explaining how certain diet choices can impact a youthful and healthy skin.

She has an office in New York and London, and also runs a wellness center in British Columbia. We love that she combines the wisdom of nature with modern day science and that how she educates and stimulates people to take better care of their health through their nutrition.

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Photo: Vanity Fair


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