The Drinking Water Hacks That Will Become Your New Addiction

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I drink a lot of water these days. Especially after I learned of the good it could do for my skin, which is particularly dry.

Dehydration causes dizziness, headaches, and tiredness amongst other symptoms. While mild dehydration can make us irritable and lose focus.

For a soda addict, swapping your favorite drinks out for water can be such a bore. I won’t pretend like water all the time is super delicious, we all know about adding peeled cucumber and lemon to our water. But how about a few other water hacks that will make sure you get your 8 glasses a day without getting bored.

1. Spice up your ice
Get an ice tray, pour in some water and choose something to freeze to make some delicious ice cubes. Perfect for the summer, you can add flowers, herbs, fruits, zests and leave them in the freezer for those days you need an ice cold water. Perfect for gatherings and barbecues, all you have to do is add your upgraded ice cubes to a pitcher of water and voila. When they melt you’ll have some zesty, fruity, flavorful water.

2. Make your water work for you
Yes, you can infuse your water with fruit and vegetables, but why not choose what you add depending on what you need. If you’re feeling bloated or have a stomach ache add ginger, pineapple and mint to your water. In the evenings make an infusion of lavender and lemon to get a good night’s sleep. While lemon, strawberry, and basil can give you energy and wake you up on a summer morning. Buying an infuser bottle will make this so much easier, try bobble Infuse Filtered Water Bottle to make experimenting with water flavors fun!

3. Get a water enhancer 
Conscious water is my addiction at the moment. I got some in my LifeBox when I started The Model Method, unlike other sugary squeezes it’s 100% natural flower essence water that you can add to tap or mineral water to give it a bit of oomph and make it taste better. In the USA there is STUR, which is also all-natural, and uses stevia extracts to give water a bit of a sugary flavor. It’s not bad for you, it’s a natural sugar, but it’s perfect for soda lovers.

4. Upgrade your cocktails 
Ok, ok. Cocktails aren’t infinitely healthy, but I despise vodka soda so I always go for sugary, bad for you drinks. I’ve started to look at how I can use water enhancers to make lighter cocktails. My favorite ‘healthy-ish’ cocktail using water (albeit tonic water) is a peach gin and tonic. Perfect for girls who don’t like the sharp taste of tonic water, this could be your new summer fave.

1/2 peach sliced
2 ounces of gin
4 ounces of tonic water
1-ounce lime juice (freshly squeezed)
crushed ice (can be infused with your favorite fruit)

All you have to do is fill a glass with peach wedges and ice, then pour the gin and tonic over the ice and squeeze in your lime juice. Super easy, boozy and delicious. All that ice will melt, too, making sure you stay hydrated while you drink!

5. Crystallize it
Uh yeah, crystal water is a thing. Adding crystals to water apparently helps promote good vibes and detoxify your body. Miranda Kerr’s Kora products are made with water filtered through rose quartz. The stones can help neutralize the pH value and increase the oxygen content of your water, plus different stone blends improve the taste. If you want to do it yourself, make sure to clean the gems first!

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  • Norina

    This is so awesome! I know myself that I should drink more water but I just don’t really like water. There was a lot about detox water lately though and it just changes the flavour and makes the water taste so much better.

    Norina xx

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post

  • Anika May

    Awesome post! Love it!

    Anika |

  • Sian

    It’s never crossed my mind to infuse water with what my body needs! What a great idea :-)

  • Ginger Teacher

    I am really trying to drink more water, this post is really helpful. I struggle with it because I find it o boring.

  • Palesa

    Refreshing ideas! Thanks for the tips

  • James

    I must say Conscious Water is amazing!
    Great tip I ordered the variety pack, it is also amazing with Vodka :)

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