Dye It Yourself: Home Hair Dye Tips

Some of us just can’t justify an expensive trip to the salon to get the look we desire, we’re the home hair colouring club and we prefer to buy a budget box of the hair colour of our dreams! A lot of people experiment with their hair colour in their lifetime, going significantly, lighter, darker or a crazy unnatural shade. Forget teenage experimentation over the bath tub, here are some home hair dye tips everyone can get behind! 

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#1 Research
One day you might decide to go blonder, the next you want a crazy shade of purple. If you’re going to dye your hair you need to know you can stick with the colour for an extended period of time (to allow the hair to heal) so choose something you’re comfortable with. You should also know that vibrant colours often turn dull very quickly, and that any hair dye comes with the risk of an allergic reaction – even if you’ve dyed your hair a thousand times before, so do a patch test 24-48 hours before you go ahead and dye!

#2 Temporary colours
A fun way to get your colour hit at home is to use temporary dyes, Bleach London has a quirky and cool variety of colours that wash out, but be aware that they might stay for longer than you’d expected (see pictures of me with green hair at a wedding!)

#3 Check your current shade
Make sure that the box of dye you’re purchasing will have the desired effect on your current shade, if your hair is too light or too dark for the dye to penetrate, you could end up with a completely different colour than you anticipated!

#4 Try something subtle
My biggest advice for anyone thinking of getting their hair colour fix is to go for something subtle, like balayage lights or a soft dark colour. People won’t be able to tell it’s an at-home hair colouring if you do something super simple and beautiful with your hair, changing the colour of previously lightened strands with wash-out dyes is also a good way of changing your colour but keeping it healthy.

#5 Use vaseline
Protect your forehead, ears and the back of your neck by rubbing vaseline or moisturiser all over before you use your chosen dye. Especially if you’ve chosen to go darker, you don’t want to dye your skin too!

#6 Follow the instructions
Seriously, do what the leaflet says and don’t leave the dye on for too long because when you wash it off the ends of your hair could become dry and brittle!

#7 Beachy highlights in your bathroom
At home highlight kits are great for subtle, beautiful highlights. Make sure you wear an old t-shirt and follow the instructions, foil highlights are easier to do by yourself than ones that require you to thread hair through a cap!

#8 Don’t use dye if your scalp is sensitive
Highlights might be better for you as the dye doesn’t touch your scalp, and if you already have over-dyed, damaged hair, try to give it a rest for a bit and let it grow out.

#9 Don’t rule out salons
Even if you know you won’t be visiting a salon in the near future, don’t rule them out entirely. Your hair will end up looking better than it ever has after a professional gets their hands on it, and your ends will need a regular trim.

Have you ever dyed your hair any crazy shades? I’ve been almost every shade but I think the craziest was black hair with pink highlights, done by my best friend over her bathtub when I was 14. I’m sticking with blonde highlights from now on, even though they’re awfully grown out (thank goodness for the ombre effect!) Share your home hair dye stories with us in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to and to be the first in-the-know with our amazing updates and giveaways!

Cover photo: What a Way to Go (1964) directed by J. Lee Thompson.

  1. Oh, my first ever colouring session was at home, by my mom, we went blonde wild ! Never again “gold” blonde at home, I have worn yellow hair for whole summer… :/ But I am thinking about going back to my own shade, it’s something about dark blonde/cappucino. I am sick of my blonde hair now.

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