Why Being An Early Riser Is The Key To Success

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We often talk about the importance of a morning routine, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that all the most successful people get up super early. Don’t worry all my bed-loving girls, you can still have a lie-in and get up super early, it’s all about getting enough hours of sleep. Read our article on 5 thoughts we have when our alarm goes off if you hate mornings more than I do.

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1. Take a leaf out of Anna Wintour’s book 

There’s a reason Anna Wintour is such a successful woman, she has a no-excuse routine in the morning. Every morning at 5.45am Anna goes to New York’s Midtown Tennis Club for one hour of tennis, then she goes home to primp and prep and heads out to her meetings (Source). Can you imagine getting up early enough to be at a tennis club at 5:45? It’s possible if you go to bed early enough, and find time for the things that give you joy. Tennis keeps Anna sane, fit and allows her to network with other tennis playing fashionistas.

2. Getting up earlier gives you more time to tackle the day

For some reason we all have this mindset that we want more hours to ourselves after work, but what about before work? Would you rather do whatever stresses you out the most a few hours before work and relax guilt-free after? I know I would, so go to bed earlier and wake up earlier with the intention of getting your exercise in, planning out your day and tackling those niggling emails. When you relax with your glass of wine in the evening it’ll feel SO much better. Read our article on de-stressing in the office too to minimize the amount of time you spend stressing in the evenings!


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3. The inspiration hours

Weirdly, most writers find the quiet time in the early hours of the morning is when their inspiration strikes. Try getting up earlier and see if you have more time to plan the things you want to do and a more inspired mind. Read our article on what you need to know before you start a business if you’re using the morning hours for brainstorming.


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4. You gain so much time

The science shows that if you get up just one hour earlier, you’ll gain 15 days a year. Imagine what you can do with that time? From picking up a hobby to spending time on your blog! Check out the websites you need to read if you’re thinking of blogging for a hobby.

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  1. I was never an early bird until the last year- I feel like I’ve wasted my whole day if I sleep past 8:00! Still working on being productive in the early hours though.

  2. i wish i could be up that early in the morning but wake up for school is already so hard i can’t imagine wake up at 5:00 omg


  3. If you ladies don’t follow any other advice presented by this site, you must follow this one. It is the most important. I love getting to work early. It really preps you for the day ahead and gets you going. Nothing worse than being late or right on time and having to delve into your duties with your eyes wide shut.

  4. Very good point about doing what may stress you out before work, then having afterwards to relax. I have never thought about it like that before but may have to adjust my thinking! Mornings would be a great time to get some tasks out of my way. Thanks for your insight :)

  5. I LOVE waking up early, I feel so full of energy and I like to do things I really love before going to class or work! If I am not in a very good mood, it puts me on the positive side, even if it’s just like, watching an episode of one of my favourite tv shows or listening to music or anything! I just love that quiet place

  6. I feel lucky I’m naturally an early riser! Back in my teens, I remember trying to sleep in because it was “cool”, especially at sleepovers. I never liked how it felt like i had wasted away most of my day. I now cherish the 3ish hours I have in the morning – it does make me feel like I’ve been blessed with more time in my day.

  7. I hate to wake up early but I rather do it because I have more time to do other things during the day instead of just work

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