The Easiest Way To Get Things Done During The Week



Who doesn’t want to get things done in the week? That way we could actually relax on the weekends and find the time to do the things we love, or even nothing at all!

I know what it’s like to have a massive to-do list that can feel like it’s never-ending, but is the to-do list too long or could you be smarter with the way you manage your time? Little changes that you can make to your weekday can have such a difference to the way your week actually goes!

So if you want to get work done efficiently but quickly follow these steps:

1. Manage your time better:


When: Monday

To become the true master of time, you first, have to plan ahead. You need to sit down and schedule. You can use our Getting Things Done planner and our Ultimate Week Plan to get it all down on paper. Look at a calendar in front of you and plan for your tasks. No matter how much of a multi-tasker you think you are, you cannot do everything in one day. And just working on tasks in any order is not going to help you complete anything.

Next, you need to prioritize wisely. Order your tasks in order of importance and of course, when they are deadlined. You should find that every day of the week has become full, but you will also see how you can get everything done. And trust me, you will have more time for yourself this way too.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to delegate. You can’t be superwoman all the time. Any true master of time knows the importance of delegation. Whilst, you may feel like you’re better to do it yourself, you need to learn to let go.

2. Use the right side of your brain:


When: Tuesday

The right side of the brain helps you unlock your creativity. So, if you’ve ever had to force yourself to be creative then you should know there’s a trick that can change that! Switch to the right side by taking a pen in your right hand (even if you are left-handed) and write “how’s it going”. Now write your reply with your left hand. And continue the conversation. The right side, which is controlling your left hand will say things that you don’t know that you know. It can assess your mental and physical needs and even offer you a solution.

Now that your brain has switched to the right side, you might want to tackle all the creative tasks you have on your to-do list, which you should take into consideration when you’re planning. And because you’re feeling inspired you’ll be smashing it!

3. Use the left side of your brain:


When: Wednesday

The left side of your brain is perfect for logical thinking and generally does better with topics like maths and science. So, if you need to put your brain to work or need to focus on your finances then today, is the day! To use the left side just do a puzzle, a crossword or a mathematical problem. And if the left side isn’t your dominant side and the idea of maths already hurts your brain then just stick it out, because impulses will begin to travel to the left side, warming it up!

Now that you have worked on both sides of your brain this week, according to research you are giving your brain a workout and it will begin to work and think more efficiently! Woo!

4. Keep track of your progress:


When: Thursday

Today you are going to want to show off your progress and plans with a meeting, remember, this is the best day for communication. Today should be all about meetings and communication for you. It’s a good way to stay on track and see how far you’ve come along from your Monday goals and to how you’re going to end the week. You’ll be able to see what you need to prioritize and do more of in order to meet the targets you’ve set yourself.

And if there’s one thing I hate about meetings is feeling underprepared. I can write notes and notes about my progress and what I’ve been up to when in reality, I need bullet action points that really track my progress. And having a progress journal really helps with this, I’m more organized and more on top of my work!

5. Plan, plan and plan some more

When: Friday

I’ve already mentioned that you need to plan ahead. And Friday should be this day for you – especially if you want time to yourself on the weekend.

Seeing as you’ve just come to the end of your work week your goals and to-dos are still fresh in your mind, so note them down for next week.

And this will also stop you from worrying or stressing about work on the weekend!

The second part to this is, yes, more planning! But this time plan for you and not for work. Think about the bigger picture, where do you want to be and how are you getting there? Do you want to learn a language, then when are you free to begin? Remember that your personal goals stand alone, they may be aligned with your career but they are purely your own. So, do it for you!


How do you plan your week? Would you try this method?



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