Could This Be The Easiest Way To Lose Weight In Your Life?


When I think about weight loss I just want to put my head in my hands. As girls, we are always desperate to lose weight and never really interested in getting healthy.

Of course, we look after ourselves. We eat healthy, balanced meals, we try to go to the gym. But if we aren’t getting desirable results we’re frustrated.

I snack like crazy, yet I always want to lose a little. My HIIT routine is great for building strength and getting a perky bum, but not so great for balancing eating cookies for breakfast with losing weight.

Looking for a solution I started to research healthy weight loss. You know, the kind fueled by daily activity, not some weird meal replacement shakes. That’s when I heard that 10,000 steps a day are all it takes to lose weight.

Walk yourself skinny

I read about a woman who was dangerously overweight and halved her weight simply by walking. It kind of makes sense, I was skinnier when I walked around school all day.

I decided to look into it, and with that I downloaded Pacer. The first app in my recommendations that tracked my steps. It also has a coach and dedicated plans to track your weight loss per week. The hard setting told me it would take 9 weeks to get to where I wanted to be. I was positive.

The first day I was shocked. 

I truly thought I was active. I run around London like a crazy person, so I expected the app to give me a round of applause and call me heroic. But, that crazy running only amounted to about 5,000 steps. Public transport is way too convenient. My ballet shoes slipped off on the curb and I opted to hop on a bus instead of try to complete the other 5,000.

But, I decided to persist. The next day my tube was handily closed so I had to walk home, amassing 7,000 steps. Once I got home I didn’t care to continue holding my phone and walking so I stopped.

You see the general theme here? I kept giving up. You know why? Because after a busy day running around London from point to point, I just couldn’t be bothered. When I lived in my old city, I would regularly walk everywhere because there was no tube, the buses were rubbish and I couldn’t drive. I’m sure 10,000 steps was no sweat for me when I was 16. There were beautiful brooks and bluebell fields to explore.

In London, it seems harder. It doesn’t seem like a city that walks. It’s a city that runs, dashes, huffs and puffs. Everybody has a purpose; even on a weekend.

So, I got out of London. I visited a city with a cathedral, I walked around town looking in fudge shops. And guess what? I hit 10,000 without even realizing. That weekend I probably did more steps than I have in my whole working week.

When I got back I decided to keep an eye on my steps, not my scales. And guess what? I lost weight. It almost feels like cheating. I looked at a before and after photo the other day and shared it with my friends with sassy comments. Look, my face is skinnier and all I’ve done is walk everywhere!

I’m not where I need to be, but I think 10,000 steps a day will certainly get me there!

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Featured photo: Calla In Motion

  • Alina Ermilova

    Walking is actually aquite amazing! I’ve made a point to walk my morning and evening commute, instead of taking a bus, while listening to podcasts, and explore the city by feet on the weekend. So far I take around 10 000 every single day! :)


  • Marta Sierra Marti

    Sounds wonderful!! And walking is a great way to discover new things around your city too :p


  • Ana

    Awwwwwesome! When I was in Rome and walked all day long to do sightseeing I also lost weight without even caring about it. I will definitely try it! xx Ana

  • Zohra Ihsan

    I so agree! Walking is seriously the easiest way cause it can also be the least boring for me since you can walk through new areas and discover different places which you wouldn’t when in the gym. Definitely going to download that app to track my steps, been relying on the standard iPhone app right now! x

  • Dorothy

    Walking seems to be the perfect exercise to me – I can always make time for it, one way or another.

  • Inma

    I can’t agree more! Last September I had major surgery and doctors told me to walk to build up my stamina as part of the recovery. I managed to build up to an hour’s walk every day and I lost weight without even thinking about it. My friends couldn’t believe that all I had done was walk for an hour daily, but seriously, it is awesome. I usually listen to podcasts while I walk after work and it clears my head and makes me feel so much fitter and healthier.

    Inma x

  • Camille Beygui

    I couldn’t agree more ! I put on so much weight when I started taking the bus to school. And now that I live in a smaller city than Paris that I almost put on no weight this year in spite of my catastrophic way of living

  • Tarni

    Love how easy this can be, great tip!!

  • Vanessa H. Wood

    I use my fitbit to reach my 10k steps daily. In june, i walked more than 10k steps on 16 days out of 30!

  • dreamofadventures

    I love walking around and especially when commuting. I’m trying to walk more and am planning on walking home from work tomorrow which is about an hour walk but I am excited to just being around the city =o)