5 Easy Christmas Cocktails To Reward Yourself With This Weekend



It’s Christmas time! Which means it’s appropriate now to play cheesy music on full blast and drink our fair share of Christmas cocktails. While you’re perfecting your recipes, wrapping your presents and adding all the bells and whistles, you can enjoy a little tipple.

More than that, you can impress your friends and family when they come over for Christmas with a cocktail that tastes and looks incredible – and only took a few minutes to make!


1. Cranberry Gin Cocktail 



For this Christmassy cocktail, all you need is gin and cranberry juice, and five minutes! This impressive-looking, sweet cocktail is perfect for gin lovers and will impress every guest. Find the recipe here.


2. White Christmas Mojito 



Goodness, this is a nice Christmas cocktail. Sweet, delicious, dangerous. You’ll love this and want more. Coconut rum gives this a sweet warming taste, while sprinkling pomegranates on the top of your drink gives it a great festive look. This recipe takes five minutes max! Find the recipe here.

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3. Pomegranate Cocktail 



This super simple cocktail is definitely a crowd-pleaser. If you like something with a little more fire, this bourbon cocktail is the perfect balance of sweet and spice. Shake it up, pour it over ice, and decorate the rim of your glass with a bit of sugar. Voila. Find the recipe here.


4. Warming Gin Twist 



Hands up if you love gin, and need a little winter warmer? This cocktail has got it all for you. An infusion of gin and ginger ale, not only is it kind of good for you, it tastes fiery and just like Christmas. Find the recipe here.

5. Sugared Cranberry Mojito 



Need a little something extra to get you through the holidays. Cranberry and tequila. Need we say more? This cocktail will keep your guests merry, and your stress levels low. If you want to give this a try, you’ll need a few extra ingredients to make it happen, but it only takes a few minutes. Find the recipe here.



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