7 Easy Hacks To Instantly Improve Your Day


A few little tweaks here and there are all you need to improve the quality of your life massively. You might not know it, but in order to make every day a perfect day, you just need to be mindful about how you’re walking into it. You first need to stop thinking that your perfect day needs to be unrealistic because, with just a couple of minor tweaks, you’ll realize you’re already living your best life.

You just need to go out there and grab it…

1. Write the story of your perfect day

Sometimes, the easiest way to get ahead is to start with where you want to go. The best thing you can do is grab your planner and write down what your perfect day would be. We don’t mean some unrealistic version of your day where you have millions to spend and can fly to Paris in a private jet. We mean your perfect version of the day you live every day of the week. What would make it perfect?

Would you get up early and have a healthy and balanced breakfast? Would you work out for an hour in your lunch break? Would you have bundles of energy and time to spend on your self-care in the evening? Most of the time, when we think we don’t have enough time, it’s just because we’re not managing that time effectively.

That’s why we created the Getting Stuff Done planner. Because to be successful you need to keep every area of your life aligned. You need to focus just as much time and attention into your self-care, your meal plan, your expenses, shopping lists, and your water intake as you do to your daily to-dos and tasks, and that’s the only way you’ll make sure every single day is better than yesterday.

2. Get your evenings in order

Getting enough sleep is an obvious but often overlooked strategy. Stop staving off a good night’s sleep by staying up late doing things you don’t need to. Avoid the temptation that keeps you away from the bed, and instead, create an evening routine you can actually follow. Set an alarm for yourself and go to bed on time, but before that set yourself up to get sleepy and ready for bed.

Use lavender oil, drink chamomile tea, and create an evening ritual for yourself. The more you focus on your self-care and give yourself an evening routine that helps you wind down, you might like to practice evening gratitude, read a book, or have a bath. It’s important that you step away from technology and focus on building habits that will switch off. Meaning you’ll sleep better, too.

3. You should be doing this every day

There is literally no excuse in the book for not working out. You might think you have no interest in getting in shape, you’re proud of your body as it is but working out doesn’t just benefit your body and you shouldn’t just do it when summer is lurking around the corner.

Regular exercise is an important part of not just physical health, but also mental health. It’s also one of the first things to go when we get busy. To prevent it from getting squeezed out, make it sacred and don’t let anything else intrude.

The best way to do this is to schedule it in and start writing down the benefits you’ve felt. Using the Fit Is The Sh*t planner is the only way I’ve managed to go to Barry’s Bootcamp every week. What’s great about the Fit Is The Sh*t planner is that you can see your progress. I love keeping all my progress photos and showing them to everyone who’ll look at them, and then I write down how I feel, what I did that I was proud of and what I can improve on.

4. Live in the present

Daily gratitude will help you embrace living in the moment, which is important if you want to be more positive, productive, and successful. You can do some reflecting, of course, a healthy amount is good for self-development. But too much stressing about the past can stop you from living in the here and now. There’s something to be said about having a meal with someone you love and being able to turn off your phone and just be there in the moment. Conversation flows without the aid of a phone in most situations, you just need to train yourself to live in the present.

5. Don’t set too many goals

Contrary to popular belief, having too many goals will make you feel overwhelmed easily, and make those goals almost impossible to smash. Dreaming and having a lot of things you want to achieve is good, of course, but when it comes to goal setting you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself. You can write down all the goals you have and then focus on one or two key goals for a specific time period until it’s done.

ou need to focus if you want to get stuff done, minimize distractions and write down a plan for the goal you want to hit. Follow the SMART method, making sure the goal you choose to focus on is specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timed.

6. Rewire your brain

Gratitude is the first step to rewiring your brain, but you can also journal to give yourself a positive outlook. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade (or so the saying goes), so it’s important to be able to turn negatives on their head and focus on what went right instead. The only way to do this is to reflect on your day and think about what went well, priming your brain to look for positives.

7. Think about your intentions

Athletes visualize their success before they perform, so why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t you try positive visualization and thinking about what your intentions are? It helps to boost performance and solidify what you’re capable of in your own mind, so start by setting intentions every evening before bed. What will you achieve tomorrow? Think about the goals you’ve set yourself and how you’re going to smash them, and if you struggle to visualize them, why not create a vision board for success and use that to motivate yourself?


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