5 Healthy Prepare Ahead Lunches To Take To The Office


Believe me, I know how those days feel when you’re trying to work an empty stomach, promising yourself you’ll grab something soon only to fill yourself up with a hot drink and a snack later on. Lunch is important, if you fill up with slow releasing carbs you’ll have enough energy to take on the day and you’ll be full for hours. Healthy doesn’t have to be hard, so when you don’t have any time to spare, prepare these lunches and your body will thank you!

Don’t worry, these lunch options are healthy, delicious, and can be made in a snap.

1. Chicken and Sweet Potato Meal Prep Magic 



This is meal prep magic at its finest. It takes 15 minutes to cook, and about 30 minutes to prepare. So you can make it ahead, divide it up into containers and store it in the fridge – ready for your work day! It’ll bring such a beautiful smell into the office as it whirrs in the microwave, your colleagues will be asking for the recipe. Find it here.


2. Turmeric Sweet Potato Pasta Salad



When you’re craving a rich pasta but don’t want the carbs or creamy sugary sauces, this is what you need. It takes 20 minutes to prepare, so you can bring the ingredients to your office kitchen or make it ahead, add turmeric, chickpeas, and pistachios for flavor and thank us later. Find the recipe here.


3. Roasted Cauliflower Detox Bowl with Tahini Sauce



Detoxing? This roasted cauliflower detox bowl has got your back. It takes 30 minutes to cook so you might want to use this for when you’re prepping ahead. You need kale, cauliflower, plenty of greens and good old avocado. You can be inspired by this and make a cold salad with no roasted veg if you want a fast but delicious salad. Find the recipe here.


4. Mason Jar Noodles 



The Londoner has perfected this noodle recipe, making it the perfect companion to the office and beyond. You basically just layer all your favorite vegetables, spices, and sauces and then take it with you in a cute little mason jar. It tastes absolutely divine and makes you look super organized, too. Find the recipe here.


5. Brown Rice Kedegree



This is the perfect Sunday night recipe. It’s as simple as throwing rice, stock, egg, and peas together. You’re seriously going to be thankful you took the time to prep this when you get to chow down on it at lunchtime. Find the recipe here.


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