Here’s How To Finally Stop Being Late For Everything


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If you find yourself typing those three little words on your phone daily (that’s ‘sorry I’m late’) then perhaps it’s time to break the bad habit once and for all.

If you get annoyed when your train pulls away 8 seconds early, always get up late and never make it to pre-drinks because you’re still in the shower, then we’ve got what you need to break from the anxiety of chronical lateness.

1. Identify the problem
Ok, so you claim to be punctual on your CV, but if you know you’re the ‘late one’ at work, you will need to actively create new habits to ditch the stress and keep others cool. Identify your problem, and zoom in on the specifics.

That’s – when are you late, what for, and how late are you usually? By reflecting on your patterns you can begin building an actionable plan to counteract them.


2.Make punctuality a conscious priority
So now you’ve identified your patterns, you will need to prioritize time management. Remember, creating new habits is very positive – more time in the morning means you can enjoy a warm tea, dance around to Spotify, and meditate for ten minutes before getting on with your day.

Trust me, it beats rolling out of bed and onto a busy train half awake and out of breath. Make time to enjoy life rather than rushing around stressed beyond belief.


3.Set new and realistic goals
Make a commitment to allow yourself the full time you need to comfortably get ready and commute. Time yourself getting ready or walking to the train station when you’re not under pressure, and use this as a basis in the future, no less.

Also, commit to arriving early, never-on-time, to counteract the variables that interrupt life such as late trains or traffic.


4. Do not negotiate
I used to negotiate time in my mind that absolutely did not conform to the time-space continuum. ‘If I spend ten minutes quickly doing my make-up I will walk double the speed to work’ – this doesn’t usually pan out ever.

Solidify a time to leave the house and under no circumstances push it back and you will form new patterns and kick the bad habit to the curb.


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Hannah Gransden

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  • Jen

    Yikes, I’m always guilty of negotiating. Anyone here NOT have a problem with chronic lateness? Any other tips?? Cause I could definitely use them!

  • KacheeTee

    I’m always negotiating and underestimate how long it’ll actually take. Need to change and totally stopped being stressed.

  • Miera Malcampo

    #4!! I thought I was the only one who thinks like this haha thanks for the tips!

    Little Miss Miera |

  • Great-Resumes

    Love it! All of them!

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