Six Smoothie Recipes To Try Right Now

These easy smoothie recipes are perfect for busy mornings, whether you’re running to a zoom meeting at nine on the dot, or commuting back into work. Stay healthy and enjoy a morning moment with these perfect smoothies you can blend in five minutes.


Blueberry and coconut smoothie 


A sweet and fruity combination, this layered smoothie looks as good as it takes. Layering greek yogurt, coconut milk, blueberries, bananas, and coconut cream, each layer is better than the last. Find the full recipe here.


Date, banana and coconut smoothie


When it comes to easy smoothie recipes, this is one of the best. Creamy, and good for you. This smoothie is the perfect addition to your morning routine. With hemp seeds, coconut milk, fresh dates, and banana, it’s a delicious boost of fruits that make you feel good. Find the full recipe here.


Good morning coffee smoothie


If you need a boost of caffeine in the morning, you’ll love this. Blending coffee with frozen fruit, vanilla, and peanut butter makes this a lovely sweet treat with a kick of energy. Find the recipe here.


Frozen banana smoothie


I am a sucker for banana smoothies. They remind me of my childhood and are the perfect healthy sweet treat. This one has coconut milk, delicious frozen bananas and some coconut whipped cream on top. Delicious. Find the full recipe here. 


Peach melba smoothie


If you want a smoothie that tastes more like a cocktail, this peach melba smoothie will do it for you. Fruity, fresh, and the perfect burst of tropical tastes, mix vanilla extract with raspberries and almond milk for this beautiful smoothie. Find the recipe here.


Spirulina Smoothie


Combine kale, blueberries, and spirulina to create this super healthy and pretty instagrammable smoothie. Healthy and refreshing, it’s only five ingredients and takes five minutes. If you’re not used to spirulina, use less and add more as you get used to it. Find the full recipe here.



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