How To Eat Healthy During The Holidays


Eating, drinking and celebrating with your family and friends…who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s my favourite time of the year! If you’re a little stressed because you want to eat healthy during the holidays, fear no more! Just follow these easy tips!

Plan your meals!

The best way to eat healthy is to plan your meals. If you’ve got a social event coming up, try to avoid junk food and eat more healthily beforehand. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your luxurious dinners guilt-free, and won’t feel bad for eating tiny bites of food that your mother slaved over in the kitchen. Big brunch at the office? Fill your dinner with veggies, and lunch with fruit! Big dinner with the in-laws? Eat a light breakfast with fruit and yoghurt, and lunch with a veggie-filled omelette.

Drink enough water, seriously.

We say this every time we talk about healthy eating, because it’s so simple. Did you know that your thirst can actually feel like hunger? Everybody knows it’s important to drink enough water, but we tend to forget to hydrate properly. Easy trick; drink at least one glass of water before you start to eat. That way you won’t be eating away your thirst!

Fill your plate!

So you sit down, are hydrated and then what? Start filling your plate the right way. Make sure half of your plate is filled with veggies, a quarter with protein like chicken or fish, and the last quarter with carbs. Try to stay away from gravy, mayonnaise and butter. But if you can’t, only use a little and make sure you enjoy it!

Don’t feel pressured.

I start by eating my veggies, and when I’m a little fuller I go on with my protein. Only eat till you’re satisfied, not till your plate is empty. We tend to feel rude if we don’t eat it all, but when you give your host a big smile and say you’ve truly loved your meal, they won’t mind.

Don’t drink too much.

A couple of glasses of wine at dinner is fine (and we’re sure you have more than two glasses planned for New Year anyway) so if you want to be healthy over the holidays, try to limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

Make it a December to remember, not to regret. Enjoy your social gatherings guilt-free by thinking ahead, and not stressing over your weight. I hope my tricks come in handy! Happy holidays!

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  • Poshnessary

    Great tips to remember!

    Kisses from ❤

  • Lauren

    Great pointers there. I really must remember to drink more water, New Year’s Resolution I think! x

  • Dress Up, Chow Down

    Don’t feel pressured is probably the biggest one for me. I walk this line of being proud of how much I can eat but it’s really unnecessary to eat that much especially if it’s a bunch of garbage. I agree with eating until you’re not hungry anymore. The tactic never fails me :)

  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks for sharing these tips


  • Monika Monika

    Is it possbile to pin your posts on pinteres?. I would like to find a way to save selected posts together with source and all that online to reread later.

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