7 Pre-Workout Snacks That Will Help You Get In Shape



Since the new year, I’ve been working really hard towards my resolutions to change my lifestyle for the better. And for me, eating healthier and working out is not just about just losing weight, but instead, living a balanced life! But the one thing I really used to struggle with was finding the motivation to hit the gym every day! And that changed when I figured out what to eat before a workout.

So, if you’re hitting your goals at the minute then go you! But if not, don’t worry, because we have a formula that will change all of that! Want to know what it is?

What you put in, you get out…


If you would have said to me at the beginning of last year I would be living a clean healthy life, working out and managing my workload, I would have said it’s not possible. But that’s because I wasn’t eating for energy. I would always feel demotivated and have a lack of energy to push myself to workout. But now, that’s all changed. And it’s all down to diet.
It’s not just about what to eat throughout the day, (while that is important too), but what to eat before a workout.

Because, if like me, you prefer to workout after work, you’ll want to keep your energy levels high when you finish. And this can be somewhat difficult when you’re commuting! So, make sure to eat a pre-workout meal that’s all about energy and won’t consume much of your daily calorie intake. This will ensure that you’re not feeling too tired or demotivated to do that workout! Want some choices?

1. Bananas:


Most athletes know that bananas rock! They’re not just low in calories and good for you, but they are packed full of energy. By just eating two of them pre-workout it will ensure that you can push through your exercise for up to 90 minutes!

Wow! Who would have thought that bananas are amazing for fuelling your body for your workouts?

2. Greek Yoghurt:




This is super healthy for you and a good meal to eat to not consume too many calories. Natural Greek Yoghurt is a natural sugar source, which will help your body speed up recovery from your workouts, it will stop your muscles breaking down and give you that little dose of energy you need to power through! Check out a recipe here.

3. Wholegrain Toast:




You can basically pair wholegrain toast with anything, for energy it’s best to either pair it with bananas or avocados! Plus, it’s so delicious, you won’t even realize you’re eating healthily. By having just two slices with a few bits on top, you won’t feel too full or bloated and can expect to have a slow release of energy from it. Runners recommend it due to the bananas being really good for energy! And for an extra surge of energy, add some nut butter! Find the recipe here.

4. Apples and peanut butter:




This is one of my go-to grabs for a pre-workout snack. It’s really light and will really give you a burst of energy. Plus, Meghan Markle uses nut butter and dips to stay energized too. So, if it works for a princess, it will work for you! As it’s a healthy mixture of carbs and protein it’s the perfect snack to have before you hit the gym. Take a look at this recipe here.

5. Nuts:




Nuts is another one of Meghan Markle’s favorite ways to stay energized. Plus, they’re really easy to eat, especially if you’re on the go. And because nuts are a natural source of healthy fats it’s perfect for keeping your blood sugar levels higher for longer! Want to make them yourself? Find the recipe here.


6. Granola Bar:




Granola bars will be amazing for keeping your energy levels high, and they can even be eaten on the go, which means you can eat one on your way to the gym, or on your commute home. To make them even higher in energy add some blueberries or even some almond nuts. Find this recipe here.

7. Coffee:




Many of us start our days with a cup of coffee, why? To obviously wake us up in the morning! And that’s the same logic for drinking it before a workout. You will obviously experience a major energy boost, along with other health benefits that reduce body fat. It’s also a great antioxidant! So, you can best enjoy a shot of coffee before your workout with protein for the best results! Check out this recipe here.


I guess that leaves us with one question, will you swap your smoothies for a coffee?


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  1. Perfect ! I like them all and recently I’ve tried a Granola Bar… I didnt expect it to be so delicious! :)

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