How She Did It: Editor-In-Chief Deborah Needleman

As Editor-in- Chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Deborah Needleman has reached the pinnacle of her career. She is a massive inspiration and source of encouragement for women everywhere.

What can we career girls gain from analysing her road to success? The answer is…lots. This is a lady who has truly risen to the top. The reason for her success is a combination of hard work, determination and talent.

#1 She started as a photography editor

Deborah worked hard and learned the trade with a hands-on approach. This breadth of experience and time honing essential skills has undoubtedly led her on the road to great success.

#2 She is just like us

Despite being a legend in the world of interior design, Deborah has made some mistakes. In a recent interview, she admitted that she purchased furniture without having a floor plan in place. (I have been guilty of this!) It is refreshing that Deborah has shown her human side. Being relatable like this is a huge positive.

#3 She loves her job

Being positive and enthusiastic is hard to beat. When people love what they do it is beyond obvious. Deborah has been quoted as saying that she loves that the magazine industry allows her to start over with the project each month. Her attitude is both exciting and motivating.

#4 She has a keen eye for talent

Those who rise to the very top of the career ladder are shrewd enough to realise that there is a need to be supported by others. A team with various strengths and talents will lead to a stronger outcome. For Deborah’s various roles, she has been a great believer in hiring the very best to work with her.

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By Catherine Murphy


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