How She Did It: Editor-in-chief Of ELLE Robbie Myers

Editor-in-chief and vice president of the brand content of the United States version of the magazine ELLE, Roberta, better known as Robbie, has been working as the editor of the iconic fashion magazine since May 2000. Myers is responsible for all content creation across all platforms, including and the ELLE iPad app, but she knows the importance of balancing our time online. Here’s how she did it (plus some cool tips about balancing our personal lives!).

Know when enough is enough

In an interview with Alexandra Steigrad from WWD (Women’s Wear Daily), Myers said in response to a question about the use of technology and social media: “I’m a great consumer of it, but I’m not a huge participant in it. It depends where we are in the closing cycle of the magazine. If it’s late at night, I’m not tweeting, I’m kissing my kids good night.”

Know that your time matters

Myers is the epitome of busy. A woman with a prestigious career and high responsibilities that uses social media and the Internet in a way that can inarguably considered savvy. Indeed, what she is teaching us is that it is not really the amount of time that we spend online that matters, but it is the quality of it.

Indeed, during the 2014 “How I’m Making It” conference, in which Myers took part together with Ariel Foxman of InStyle and Amy Astley of Teen Vogue, the most esteemed trio of fashion editors-in-chief agreed on the fact that the time we spend online can be used as a major advantage when it comes to getting a job as “it gives a genuine peek into your personality and point of view. And if you don’t have those networks set up and use them regularly, it can make you look completely out of touch.”

Use your tools to build success

Robbie Myers, and many others like her, started building her path and her successful career at a time when laptops and the Internet did not prove to be that influential. Robbie Myers is a full-time parent and a full-time editor with a great variety of interests that make her an interesting woman. A laptop might be a useful tool if used well but it is most certainly not the key to success and if not used in the right way might be a potential distractor.

You have the same amount of hours in a day as Robbie Myers. Are you sure you are using them right?


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