Eight Things Only Workaholics Will Understand

So you’re constantly stressed and burning yourself out all the time, the few hours you get to spend on yourself are bliss but you’d much rather be working or catching up on all things related to your field. When you’re not at work you’re sending emails and reading career articles because you love the thought of being a super successful, super busy career girl! You’re a workaholic and you love it, so here are eight things only you will understand!

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#1 You’re always busy
Friends and family have forgotten what you look like because you’re always doing something else. Weekends don’t exist for you anymore, and sleep is a long lost friend.

#2 You can’t remember the last time you had lunch
You don’t have time to grab lunch! You’re far too busy doing important work things, you’ll just grab a snack and eat it over your computer, it’s fine!

#3 You consider giving up at least once a day
There comes a point during the day when you seriously just can’t keep up, all the tasks you didn’t complete yesterday have now added to all the ones you can’t do today and you’re wondering why you keep making such an effort. Maybe it’s time to walk around the office and take deep breaths.

#4 There’s never enough hours in the day
Sometimes things just don’t get done, and you can’t answer every email in one day. Once you’re home it feels like you only get an hour to yourself and then it’s time to get some sleep and prepare for the next day.

#5 If your laptop breaks your life is over
You know that feeling when your laptop is a little slow to start or things start going wrong? You realise that you rely on your laptop way too much and that if it stops working you will have a breakdown.

#6 There’s no better feeling than accomplishing what you set out to do
Sometimes a day just goes right, and you’re so on top of everything that you feel like a boss! You know you’re successful and all you can do is smile!

#7 You feel so in control of your life
You’re a workaholic because you want to be, because you invest your time and energy in a job that you’re passionate about. You are so in control of your life that it scares you! Go you!

#8 All your best stories revolve around work
Every funny story and anecdote you know revolves around your work friends and work scenarios. You try telling these stories at social gatherings only to be met with blank stares.

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  1. Except for the last two, this is on point to me! Even if I strive to have control of as many things in my life as I can, I still feel a little lost.

  2. Oh god these are honestly also true for me. I can relate to every single one (especially the relying on the computer). Workaholics really do need to stick together haha

  3. You nailed it, especially with #5 and #8. My laptop started to act a little odd a few days ago so I handed it off to my techy husband and said, “I’m going to walk to Starbucks. I’ll buy us both coffee. Please fix whatever is wrong because if this stops working I’m going to have an epic meltdown.”

    Fortunately the crisis was averted but I still don’t know what he did (and I”ve been too afraid to ask).

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