Eight Thoughts You Have When The Holidays Are Approaching

The Holidays are either something you hate, or something you love – there seems to be no in-between. So whether you’re Scrooge or Mrs Claus this year, let us brace you for the season with the festive things you have to look forward to this December month.

1.) Can I eat another mouthful?

How can you not get excited for Christmas food? The cold weather brings acceptable midnight chocolate snacks and copious amounts of (mulled) wine. Bring on the turkey dinners and chocolate log ?!

2.) How many Christmas films can I watch in one day?

Snuggling up in our pjs with a Christmas film is one of our favourite pastimes. We’re firmly in December now so don’t deny yourself – crack on with the marathon of Christmas movies and don’t feel guilty!

3.) I can’t escape Christmas!

You know the holidays are coming when stores have Christmas decorations up in November. November – really? As horrendous as this is sometimes, it gets you internally excited for the big day (and the big shopping day too)!

4.) Can I wear my Christmas jumper yet?

Most offices will have a Christmas jumper day – and there is no reason why you can’t wear the super embarrassing light-up-singing jumper your nan got you last year. Awful knitted items are a Christmas speciality!

5.) This song? Again?

Christmas songs are either a punishing ‘please no’ or a heart warming ‘yes please!’ Whether you are a lover or a hater, as soon as you hear those sleigh bells ringing, it’s time for some Christmas cheering…

6.) I have no idea what to get them!

Even though Christmas is a time of love and togetherness, it’s also an incredibly expensive month (unless you’re clever and start buying your gifts in October)! Giving is a lot more rewarding than receiving, but it’s a tricky job to do – well, can you buy your dad socks again this year? If you’re struggling, you need to get to our holiday gift guides stat!

7.) I hope it snows!

Sorry to those in the Southern Hemisphere, but over here in the north we like to see a little bit of snow in December (but it’ll probably come down in January). When it starts to frost up and you need to pull out those coats your forgot you had, you know Christmas is on its way.

8.) I need to prepare to see all the family…

Whether you have a small or large family, Christmas is when you all come together to spend time with one another. Spending Christmas with one another may not be your ideal, but remember family is what makes Christmas so special. And where else would you get force-fed sprouts…?

Check out the CGD Christmas Shop if you still need more ideas!

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