Why Emma Watson’s Acceptance Speech Is A Message For All Women



We can never get enough of Emma Watson at Career Girl Daily. She’s the ultimate Career Girl – a strong, hard-working, kind, elegant, inspirational feminist. We love her!

So we weren’t surprised when she was honored at the Harper’s Bazaar Women Of The Year awards in London. She won the Inspiration prize and was seriously honest about some of the things she’s gone through.




She remembered to acknowledge the women that have helped shape who she is

“Inspiring women have tended to pick me up – scrape me up – off the floor, and say, ‘I know you’re terrified, but you can do this’.”

With so many glass ceilings still left to break and oppression coming from all sides, it’s important we Career Girls support each other. Giving credit to the women who have encouraged and inspired us is the perfect way to do that! Sometimes we forget to support each other, and there are some narratives out there that constantly pit women against other women. It was great to see Emma thanking other inspirational women for helping her get to where she is.




She embraced her fear

We often face terrifying things, and it’s easy to think that when Emma is giving a UN speech or auditioning for a role, she has no fear. But fear is normal, and even Emma is paralyzed by it sometimes. I think this was brave, to admit how scared she was, especially with many people facing stress and anxiety these days.

“I was quite literally in the fetal position on the floor after the audition, just going, ‘Why did I think I could do this? I can’t do this. This is utterly terrifying’,” she said.

“I was utterly terrified – I mean, really, really bricking it. I didn’t think I had it in me”.

It’s so easy to build up a view of successful women being perfect and achieving impossibly unattainable goals. But we all have fears and vulnerabilities, and admitting we have them is a good thing! It helps us realise that we all face challenges in different ways. It inspires us to preserve despite those challenges.



She’s so cool! Watch her acceptance speech here and let us know if it inspired you to be more honest about your fears.

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