Why Every Successful Career Girl Needs A Strong Circle Of Friends

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After an amazing weekend with friends I have known all my life, this post just seemed to be a gratitude journal entry emphasizing the power of female friendships. Our friends remind us of who we are. And as my friends and I have grown from little children to adults with lives of our own, it is truly a gift to maintain friendships when so many friends have and will come and go as we continue down this path called life.

We’ve explored how your friends can get you a job, and why you need to socialize in order to avoid a burnout, so we know that friendships are important to a Career Girl, but just how important are they?


True girlfriends have no agenda. Whether you lose weight first or get the promotion while she is still struggling with her day to day, she does not compare nor does her jealousy demon appear when you begin to share the news. She wants to see you rise to success and not because she hopes you will take her with you, but because she can brag to her other acquaintances about her bestie making moves and taking names. She is simply just proud to see you do well and be overjoyed.

If you struggle with jealousy read our article on how to stop being jealous of someone else’s success.


We know how much you love setting goals, that’s why we’ve written so many articles on how to set goals and accomplish them. Some goals we want to achieve tomorrow and others in 10 years. No matter the time frame, there is that friend who holds you responsible for your end goal. She has either joined you on your quest to run your first 5K or she is rooting you on from the audience seating as you walk across the stage to accept your award.  Making sure you accomplish every goal you set is an honor and a privilege.


You’ve decided to not call him, ever again. But loneliness sets in and you keep rehashing the good old days. The fear that you will never find the one (or anyone!) is lurking on your right shoulder. Every now and again, you stare obsessively at the phone wondering if just one more call would do. It is at this moment you receive a text from your girlfriend who reminds you to stay strong, fight temptations and sends you a Bitmoji screaming “walk away from the phone and join me for dinner.”


There is no better party than one you didn’t have to throw yourself. True sisters start arranging the celebration before you even made the announcement. Because deep down they already knew, it would happen for you!

So here’s a shout out to all the positive and powerful Career Girls who make friendships worth having.


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  1. OMG, i love this post and am actually thinking about my friends whom i have know for over 8yrs but i don’t know why(maybe be blamed on my personality) am thinking if they truly feel this way, cause i can totally relate myself, as friend, by your description.

  2. Hi I am a transformational Coach And I believe that it is important as women to communicate and have respect for each other. And to grow a special bond towards each other. United we stand Divided we fall. I really have enjoyed reading this post. And look to more in the future.

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