Why Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Nike’s Instagram Post

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Nike Women’s Instagram feed is goals. It features typically athletic women doing amazing things. I regularly go there when I know I should work out. Whenever I’m in a kind of ‘look at them, now look back at yourself’ work-out shaming vibe. But, today everyone is talking about Nike for another reason. A photo they shared last week is being shared all over the place. Possibly because it’s so different from the rest of the images, but mainly because it features a gorgeous plus-size model doing her thang.

Of course, curvy girls work out, I am curvy after all, so I’d know. So it makes sense to represent them in the media, and tailor for them with sports bras. One week later, it seems like the world is only just seeing this image…

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Nike is doing it right at the moment, with images shared on their Instagram feed being more of a representative of real women’s bodies:

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And their hugely popular ‘Da Da Ding’ video that celebrates Indian athletes and has been viewed over 1,000,000 times was recently praised by Sheryl Sandberg.

On her Facebook page, she said: ‘Amazing ad from Nike celebrating the strength and power of India’s women athletes, from Joshna Chinappa to Rani Rampal. The story behind this ad is also inspiring: Deepika Padukone, an actress and one of the featured athletes, shared how sports saw her through some of the darkest days of her life.

“Two years ago, I struggled with depression. I almost gave up. But it was the athlete in me that gave me the strength to fight.” Today she remembers an old lesson her father taught her: “To be the best, always remember the three Ds: discipline, dedication, and determination.”

Great to see Nike showcasing women’s strength. ‪#‎JustDoIt.’

How great is it to see diversity in athleticism? Do Nike’s body positive images inspire you? Let us know in the comments, and have a watch of the chill-inducing video for Da Da Ding below:

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  • the welshbird

    I’m not on Instagram so this completely passed me by. So cool.

    Nike has always done their marketing well. Now, if they could just apply as much effort to their supply chain…..


  • Inma

    I’m loving the vibe there is at the moment amongst sports brands around strong and diverse women. I was so happy to see this series of images! Women of all sizes work out and want to feel strong and represented. Well done Nike!

    Inma x

  • Camille Beygui

    That’s so great

  • Leah Rose

    This is so nice to see. Go Nike!

  • hanan abdi

    This is really inspiring, Thank you for this beautiful post :) xx

    A Girl’s Journal


  • Phoenix Rain

    LOVE seeing my Indian girls rocking this out!

  • _ _ _ mariabonita _ _ _

    Beautiful post. Love this.


    Laura Rendon

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