This Is The One Thing Most Successful People Do Everyday

exercise and work productivity
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Bums, tums, and abs are fantastic reasons to work out, true, but have you ever considered the impact physical exercise can have on your career? Getting your body in shape might actually help you be more successful this year, because your body and mind go hand-in-hand, and taking some time to get your blood pumping is the best thing to make both work in harmony. So, want to know how exercise can help you increase your work productivity? Just keep on reading.

1. Boost your energy levels

It often feels like the last thing you want to do, but lacing up and getting out for a run is one the most rewarding things you can do on your lunch break. Not only does it get you away from your screen but short bursts of physical exercise can boost your energy levels too. Say goodbye to the 3pm slump!

2. Pump your confidence

Exercising makes you feel good and if you feel good it shows in all you do. Working out boosts your self-belief and confidence levels physically with a rush of endorphins, and mentally with that awesome post gym high. Channel these into your next presentation or meeting and see your confidence in action.

3. Feed your brain

Even short HIIT training sessions or a quick sun salutation increase blood flow to your limbs and brain. And when your brain is well fuelled with lots of oxygen you’ll be able to think clearly, quickly and be less susceptible to headaches. Which means you can get more done at work and rely on your brain to get things done.

4. Switch off and recharge

Exercising provides you and your body the perfect way to unplug, recharge and process all that is going on in your life. Giving yourself space to stop by taking a class, swimming a few laps or simply stretching in sunlight allows your brain to process your surroundings and circumstances.

Some of the greatest ideas you’ll ever have may come in the middle of a long walk or halfway through a yoga class because you’ve created space to let them in. Create time to view the bigger picture by turning off your brain and moving your body.

5. Increase productivity through mindful balance

Modern life for a career girl is truly amazing. We have more opportunities, technologies and abilities than any generation before but this makes it more important than ever to strike a work-life balance that is healthy for you as well as your career portfolio. Working out can be excellent stress relief, relaxation and even a social occasion so make sure that you balance your amazing career and projects with time dedicated to your body.

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  • Cristina

    The one thing that I love about working out is the energy that it gives you. Also I discpvered that I can mind-plan my day while I workout and the session simply flies away.

    Cristina | *janded

  • Nichole

    I couldn’t agree more. Especially, as someone in makeup artistry I need to start strengthening my arms and back. I am now inspired to go to the gym later. Lovely, post as always!
    xx Nichole
    Fall Upon Glamour

  • Katia Aragon

    I find that meditation is great to reboot every morning, recharge the mind. There is an app for that ;) Good tips!

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