Get Fit With This Plank Workout For Abs

plank workouts for abs


Many girls fear they are doing their strength exercises wrong, and worst case is they stay out of the weight training area of the gym and stick to the cardio section. While cardio is a great way of exercising, muscle building is always a good idea.

Why? Because building more muscle mass helps weight loss, increases the overall burn and makes you feel better and more comfortable in your own body. Everyday career girl stuff gets more manageable when you take care of your body and build up muscle strength and your energy levels will start to rise!

But do not fear the weight training area no more. Here at Career Girl Daily we have got you covered! We’ve talked about how to stay active in the fall, and we know the importance of a good diet, so now we’ll help you stay on track by sharing our favourite exercises of the week! This week it’s all about the plank.

Why Plank?

The plank is a very basic exercise that strengthens the body core and works with more than just one muscle at a time.

What is also awesome about the plank is that once you start working on that particular exercise, you will quickly both see and feel results coming. Your core will feel stronger and you will probably notice how you can “plank” for longer and longer.

How To: Plank

When you stand in an abdominal plank it is important to do it right. Here are a few things to remember: Tighten your abdominal section very well and think of your body as a straight line. Keep your palms straight down to the floor and your elbows evenly apart.

Stand on the tip of your toes and make sure the foundation you’re on won’t come away from the floor.

Plank Program For Everyone! 

Use your phone to track the time and start small if you are not used to planking. The world record is more than four hours, but less should definitely do it!

Start with one minute and if you do laps take small 30 seconds break in between. Repeat 3-5 times.

Happy planking!

  1. Oh yes, I do this as well and: It works! The plank is also an yoga excercise – so, why you do not start immediatelly with this perfect fitness exercise which you can you whereever you are: Hotelroom, beach, garden, at home… – even in business clothes :-)

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