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A lean, ballerina body with a rock-solid core? Yes, please. But it’s hard not to wonder how on earth that is even possible. Can a dainty figure really be strong? Can you really get muscle without lifting enormous weights?

Well, just one look at social media fitness idol Cassey Ho says you can. Her strong, but elegant figure doesn’t require the extreme forms of exercise you would imagine it to, but instead is down to her practice of the hugely underrated Pilates routines.

Not convinced? Think her figure must be down to punishing high-intensity and body-builder weight lifting? Think again. Here’s how to get the Pilates body:

Learn control:

Often we think to get in the best shape we need to be jumping around, making as much movement as possible to optimize calorie burning. Luckily, that’s not entirely true (thank goodness, no more suffering stitches and feeling sick to get in shape). Pilates is all about the precision of the move, holding poses and transitioning your body. It might not sound as excruciating as a kickboxing class, but when done correctly your body will be feeling the difficulty.

Practice posture:

Results have shown that just by altering the way that you stand, you could change the appearance of your belly entirely. Standing up straight makes you look more toned, and Pilates is designed to help you do exactly that. Keeping your shoulders low and your back straight could achieve a more aligned posture, and a noticeably flatter stomach will be evident as a result.

Center yourself:

As mentioned, there are plenty of reasons why a toned stomach comes from having a Pilates body, but the most important reason? All the moves come from deep within your core. Every pose you make should be held in place by the muscles in your stomach; the stronger the muscles become the easier the poses will be (a flat stomach and an easier workout, win!).

Still not convinced that Pilates could be the secret to your dream body? Give it a go and see for yourself.

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Emma Orlando


An Advertising student at Bournemouth University, who is currently undergoing a placement year at a PR agency in London.

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