Face Mask Time: How To Make Your Mask Work Harder


What’s the essential part of a relaxing evening? A face mask of course. It was the staple of every girl’s sleepover and the go-to product every girl reaches for when she needs a little ‘me-time’. I’m a big fan of facial masks, there’s one for every issue now – and sometimes you can struggle to know what to do to make your mask work harder. No fear, here’s what you need to do to get the best from your mask routine!

Prime your mask

Origins has come to our rescue and just launched a hydrating primer for masks called Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer. It delivers a burst of moisture that helps your masks work to their full potential.

If you’re into Korean skincare, you can also try an essence. These lightweight, but super hydrating, formulas have been used for decades by Korean women as a primer for their serums and moisturizers. No wonder they have such flawless skin! I recommend Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence. So hydrating!

Multi mask 

A while back, we created a guide for multi masking so check it out if you’re baffled about what you need. Luckily, it’s become more of a trend so there are tonnes of masks that will suit your needs.

Your skin probably has different areas that do different things, so get a few masks that tackle the problems you suffer with. Sephora has a collection of masks for a variety of different problems that you can combine with other masks, boscia has a Multi-Masking collection that’s perfect for custom creating your own facial, and origins is renowned for having great masks for every issue, try their Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay.

Find out what ingredients you need 

If you suffer from sensitive, dry skin you should probably avoid products that contain alcohol or added fragrances, but there are other ingredients that could irritate your skin, too. Check out our list of ingredients you need to look for in your skincare routines here.

How do you make your facial masks work harder?

By Giorgia Guazzarotti

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