4 Facials You Can Fit Into Your Lunch Break

photo: Rouje


I have to admit, I’ve tried a lot of ways to pick my skin up on my lunch break, but fitting in a facial is a first for me. But, we’ve all been there, right? Your makeup has been on for like half a day already, the office and the city are eating away at your face, and you need a quick fix fast. With locations on both sides of the pond means that us Career Girls won’t miss out on our facials, even if we have to have them on our lunch break!

1. Get golden with the Gold Facial 

VPRO Metropolis

This facial is so hot, it’s even been linked to Cleopatra’s nightly gold masks! Do you want to feel like a Queen too? You can even feel like one on your lunch break, with still some time to scoff in that healthy meal too! This treatment will improve your skin’s complexion and brightness, letting you feel as worthy as royalty!

2. A workout for your face with Face Gym


Now, I swear, I’ve been non-stop hearing about Face Gym, and it’s a new concept that’s turning a lot of heads. You may have already been trying it at home, so you will already know the importance of circulating the blood in your face. But with The Signature treatment, your skin will undergo one of the toughest skin tightening treatments out there in just half an hour.

3. Be electric with the Electric Current Facial 


It’s really not as invasive as it sounds, but it’s a better alternative to Botox. Expect mild levels of microcurrents, which work to stimulate facial muscles and renew energy. It’s perfect if you’re trying to fight off aging, or if you’re looking for a newer, smoother face. With a facial being so quick, it’s no wonder you don’t get two. But in a breeze, you’ll still have time to take some awesome Instagram posts before you wow everyone back at the office.

4. Find your inner peace with the Gem Facial


Ok, so find your inner Stevie Nicks, and bring her out for this one. This facial will be good if you’re looking to get a fresh new face, whilst centering your inner you, and boosting energy levels. Want to know how that’s done? With gems of course, according to beliefs stones like onyx and amber have special powers… OOO. This is one for a truly sensory experience, and you get to look good too!

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