How To Fake A Well Rested Look

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Although we may not plan to, we all end up occasionally having a sleepless night. Whether the ‘quick after work drinks’ with friends became an all night affair, or you were up all night working, it always seems to fall midweek – meaning when you 6am alarm rings, you’re left looking a little worse for wear to say the least.

While you may not be able to achieve your desired 8 hours, you certainly can look like you have, with this quick, morning approved routine.


Step 1: Mask Your Sins

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While a face mask may not be in your usual office beauty repertoire, they are the easiest way to draw some life back into your skin and instantly boost your complexion. For a quick solution that can be done while you’re drinking your morning coffee, a sheet mask is the answer. The Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask is soothing, hydrating and plumping – the perfect antidote to hungover skin or puffy, tired eyes.


Step 2: Get Your Glow On

Radiance is the key to a well-rested look, so a fake a glow with a radiance boosting primer. Using an illuminating base will give your foundation an instantly luminous look, adding longevity to your makeup and meaning you can skip the highlighter. The warm champagne tones of Becca’s Backlight Priming Filter will add radiance to even the most lacklustre complexion and suits all skin tones.

Step 3: Perfect and Protect

Sticking with the idea of adding as much radiance as possible, look for light, hydrating base with additional skincare benefits. Dior’s Hydra Life BB Creme offers a surprising amount of coverage considering how lightweight the formula feels and additionally contains SPF 42, simplifying your morning routine.

Step 4: Banish Those Bags

When you hear the term color correcting, you may instantly imagine the over complicated, multicoloured striping method seen all over Instagram. All you really need to combat the dark circles is a concealer with a peachy undertone like Bobbi Brown’s Corrector. The creamy formula is perfect for dry under eyes.

Step 5: Fake A Flush

Fake a post-gym glow with a blush shade that matches the color you would naturally flush. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek’s are beautiful pots of long lasting cream colour, which couldn’t be easier to pat onto your cheeks and lips to perk up your complexion.

Step 6: Make Those Peepers Pop

Keep eye makeup to a minimum with just two products. Use a nude liner like Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Cheat Rock n Kohl in the waterline, to minimize the redness that comes hand in hand with tired eyes. Finish with a swipe of curling mascara like Benefit’s Roller Lash – the super fine bristles every lash and lift from the root to fake a wide awake look.

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