Fall Asleep Faster: 10 Tricks To Feeling Sleepy

You know the feeling when you lie there patiently waiting for your brain to stop whirring only to be rewarded with thoughts of exciting projects, upcoming social events, cringey things you’ve said and imagined conversations that keep you awake for hours? That feeling when you just want to fall asleep but your brain is being a busy-body?We do, too, and it’s time to kick that feeling in the butt. We need our beauty sleep, no more frustratedly punching the pillow or crying because you’re so tired, but you can’t stop thinking about the TV series you’ve been watching, so read on to find out how to feel sleepy in the evenings and have sweet dreams!

Photo from Nathalie Kemna

#1 Feed your brain
Don’t eat too late in the evenings, and make sure that what you’re eating and drinking isn’t filled with sugar and caffeine, as this can prevent you from sleeping soundly at night. If you must have a drink before bed, drink a natural tea or a hot chocolate sweetened with honey.

#2 No technology before bed-time
It sounds like a rule your parents would enforce, but stop yourself from using your laptop or phone in the hours before you’re about to go to sleep. You could see something on the internet that stops your brain from relaxing and keeps your brain whirring for hours, so it’s best to cut out the temptation to stay awake looking at Facebook.

#3 Have a bath
If you find it really difficult to sleep in the evenings, have a hot bath and change into clean and comfortable PJs before bed, once you’re comfortable and clean you’ll feel sleepy straight away!

#4 Do a spot of cleaning
Why not tidy up and organise your desk for a few minutes before bed if you really struggle with feeling sleepy? Some people find cleaning therapeutic and can fall into an easy sleep if the environment around them is completely clutter-free.

#5 Buy a sleep-spray
Invest in a beautifully scented spray to dash on your pillow before bedtime, there are a variety of sleep inducing sprays available in scents from lavender to honey. Dreamy!

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#6 Read
The age-old trick is to read a good book, the motions of reading will make your eyes tired and your brain will receive signals that it’s time to go to sleep. Stick to easy-reading and avoid thrillers at night time!

#7 Put your headphones in
I have a dreamy playlist to listen to if I’m finding it really difficult to sleep, but some people like to listen to ocean sounds or podcasts to drift off into sleep. Try listening to sounds while you’re sleeping and see what works for you, just make sure your headphones are comfortable enough to sleep in without damaging your ears or being uncomfortable.

#8 Be kind to yourself
Give yourself a little breathing space, try a meditation app and take a little time with your night-time routine, work a nice moisturiser into your skin and spend some time wiggling and rotating every part of your body to prepare yourself for sleep.

#9 Journal
Keep a journal if you’re really struggling to sleep. At least two hours before you go to sleep write about the day’s events, and in the morning you can write about how well you slept and the dreams you had. If you keep one regularly enough, you might be able to start seeing a pattern and identify what’s causing you to have trouble sleeping.

#10 The 4-7-8 method
This method requires you to breathe in for four seconds, hold it for seven and then breathe out again for eight seconds. It may or may not work for you, there are countless videos and resources to help you master this techniqe, but if I’m really struggling to fall asleep I breathe in for four, hold it for seven and exhale gently through eight and I’m already tonnes calmer!

If you eliminate distractions and focus on breathing, falling asleep should be as easy as counting sheep. Make sure you’re not putting yourself under any added stress in the hours before you go to sleep and you should be falling asleep faster than ever! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to and to be the first in-the-know with our amazing updates and giveaways!

Featured Photo: Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s