How To Feel Energetic In The Morning


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Honestly, streamlining my morning routine was tough. It’s important to have an energetic start to the day, but sometimes it’s hard to get up and go. What I’ve learned over the past year will last me a lifetime, it’s not all about going to bed early and drinking cold water – sometimes the coolest health trends can actually help you get that boost of energy.

I revamped my entire routine and managed to get to work early with a spring in my step every single day, and if I can do it, so can you. 

1. Use ghee in your morning coffee

Bulletproof coffee contains butter, oil, and coffee. It’s known as a serious energy booster for the morning thanks to the fat content that sustains the benefits of caffeine. For an energy boost in the morning, combine coffee with a teaspoon of ghee instead. Ghee is clarified butter and contributes to good digestion while enhancing brain function and energy.

2. Wake up with Qigong clearing

We all hear how important it is to exercise in the mornings, but the newest word on the block is Qigong clearing. It’s a gentle exercise to relieve anxiety, fear, and negativity. By doing this in the mornings you will become positive and motivated for the day.

All you need to do is bring your hands out to your side and up over your head until your palms are facing the earth and your fingers are close together. Lower your hands slowly. Imagine as your hands move down that they are filtering any toxins or negativity down into the earth. You’ll feel positive, alert, and awake afterward!

3. Get your Moringa fix in the morning

Moringa is a tropical leaf that is ground into powder form – the perfect ingredient to add to your morning smoothie. Before I go out of the door I always use a superfood like kale or moringa to make a takeaway smoothie, anything that is high in iron will combat fatigue and mental blocks, and also give you a big dose of protein and calcium.

4. Gratitude, visualization, and self-love

Close your eyes for a few minutes and think of all the things you are grateful for. This could be your family, your assets, or your achievements at work. Doing this will relieve your stresses and clear your mind. Then visualize for another two minutes. Picture yourself being exactly where you want to be to reinforce motivation. Finally, for the final minute, think about yourself in the most positive way. You will feel instantly more energized and ready to face the day.

Jade Woodhouse photographed by Career Girl Daily at La Suite West in London. Make up by Jane Pirosko



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