How To Feel Rich In Life Without Money

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Life isn’t all about the dollar bill and having a hefty bank balance doesn’t necessarily make you a wealthy person. Happy is the new rich. Take 69-year-old Heidemarie Schwermer from Germany who gave up using money over 15 years ago, she now says she’s the happiest she’s ever been. No, I’m not saying you have to stop using money and give away everything other than the clothes on your back, but we’re definitely living in a material world and you certainly don’t have to be a material girl!

If all the money on the entire planet suddenly vanished, and all the luxuries we own spontaneously combusted, these are the things that would still be there, stand the test of time and bring happiness to our lives. If you want to feel rich, just count all the things that money can’t buy. Let’s take the time to appreciate them.

1) Family + Friends
I’m very much a family person and would feel lonely without the people in it. I definitely don’t have the biggest family; in fact, my dad’s side only has 12 members, which probably makes it one of the smallest families you could ever come across! I also consider my partner of nearly 10 years to be a part of my family now along with all of his family members, which is nice. So here’s to grandma with her infinite wisdom and to my mom for putting up with me in my teenage years! Cheers.

2) Love + Kindness
Love is such a broad spectrum, it can span from relationships, family, friends to your pet cat. It also branches out into kindness. With all the heinous things happening in the world right now, we could use more of those uplifting, faith in humanity restored videos. I always want to help others and doing an act of kindness makes me feel amazing. It doesn’t have to be anything big, the smallest of things can make a difference.

 3) Creativity + Passion
Nothing can take away your passions or your creativity, it is part of who you are, so it isn’t going anywhere! Picking up that journal or that sketch pad and creating something from nothing gives you a great feeling of accomplishment and contentment. I love to pick up a sketchpad and draw – even though I’m no Picasso – or work on my blog when an idea springs to mind. Just do what you love.

4) Time + Memories
You can get more money but you can’t get more time. There’s no point working like a dog 60 hours a week and ending up sacrificing the time you have with loved ones. Life is all about making memories and spending time together!

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