How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

I don’t know about you, but my bedroom is my happy place! So I try to make it as soothing as possible. It should be a sanctuary after all! A place where you can brush off the day’s stresses and just relax. But the problem is many of us struggle to actually wind down. And whilst you can’t cut out all of life’s stresses, after many attempts I think I’ve finally cracked how to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary and it’s a little thing called feng shui!

By making a few fundamental changes to your bedroom you can easily turn it into a relaxing haven of zen perfect for improving sleep and de-stressing.



Soften your acoustics


Feng shui is all about energy and harmony. There’s nothing more jarring than a bedroom that reverberates sound, sending a clang bouncing off the walls if you so much as drop a post-it!
To truly find tranquillity in your bedroom, you need one that focusses on softness. The sound was the last thing I thought about when improving the quality of my room but it’s so important! There’s a reason why nature sounds soothe you.
If you have a door that squeaks, creaking floorboards and rattling windows, it will completely throw off the feng shui. But there are ways you can fix this easily and quickly, without any costly repairs! Material. The more fabric the better. Hard surfaces reflect sound, whereas material absorbs it!
Invest in plush cushions, luxurious throws, and thick bedding. Keep doors well oiled and if your floorboards creak, rugs will reduce this!



Calming colors



To increase feng shui further why not get a little creative? There’s nothing more mind-clearing than freshly painted walls so revamp your bedroom with a soothing new shade.
Think of muted tones like ethereal whites, cool grays, sky blue, soothing greens, beiges and deep chocolate hues. The beauty of these colors is in their simplicity. Versatile canvases for layering any look, you can accent the room with bright upholstery if you’d prefer it less muted. Attempt to keep the room fresh, bright and simplistic with a continuity in these natural shades.




Channel freshness further with aromatherapy. Reflect the color and mood of your room in its scent. Diffusers, oil burners, candles, and incense immediately remind us of unwinding, so keep them in constant supply.
Lavender is the first aroma that comes to mind when thinking of soothing scents, but I’m not a fan. Instead, I use other fragrances that are equal in relaxing properties: jasmine, pine, and vanilla all help to de-stress, elevate your mood and improve your overall wellbeing.








To encourage feng shui, the stability of a room is paramount. Calming energy comes from balance so the layout is incredibly important when it comes to your bedroom. According to the laws of feng shui, stability appeals to the part of our brains that appreciate protection and strength.
To increase comfort in the bedroom, try to avoid placing your bed in front of a window. Instead, set it against a wall with a tall headboard for the most stability. Keep access to both sides of the bed clear and restore balance with a bedside table on either side. Balance is reflected in symmetry so emphasize the power of twos: two lamps, two lots of pillows etc.
Don’t forget to keep the energy of the room stable and enclosed. Leave arguments and rigorous activity outside and wardrobes, cupboards, and en-suite doors shut. This will allow sustaining energy to flow, encouraging a better headspace.

What do you think of feng shui in your bedroom? Are you going to try it before spring?



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  1. I love this post as I beleive in the idea that room should be a sanctuary for you x

    Maddison Jayne |

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