6 Festive Ways To Decorate Your Home This Christmas


Christmas is almost around the corner, which means it’s truly time to start decorating your home in full swing. You don’t have to break away from tradition, but why not try to put a little flare into your trimmings? 2017 has been a year of exciting new trends, which can be really easy to include in your Christmas decor! So, if you’re not the sort of person who has had their tree up since November, don’t worry, you still have time. And here are our top festive picks to help you decorate your home this Christmas:

1. Grotto chic

To do a modern take on Christmas can be a bit difficult, especially when you don’t want to lose the traditional aspect. But that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the traditional to incorporate the modern. All you have to do is merge the two together ever so subtly. Stylish ornaments and fur rugs and throws can really transform your living room into the cozy room you’ve always desired. And all it takes is a few simple touches like little accessories, which will help bring everything together.

2. Cozy and snug

You want your bedroom to feel very warm and cozy, not only because it’s Christmas, but because it’s cold outside too. And you want to reflect this warmth in your decorating. Use gold tones, which are very trendy this year! It will not only add a sense of sophistication to your home but will tie in with the traditional decor of Christmas. Make sure to fill the room with scented candles using particular scents that remind you of the holiday period.

3. Not so traditional…

Not adhering to the usual Christmas standard doesn’t mean you’re the Grinch and it doesn’t mean you’re boring. You have your own ideas about interior and they’re just as stylish. To achieve this look keep it basic by toning down the OTT decorations and use the space to reflect the season instead. You want your decoration to be seasonal. Make the room feel colder with bare woods and draped furs. By keeping ornaments and decorations at the minimum your home will really start to feel like a real winter wonderland – without being tacky!

4. Modern traditional

For those of us whose decoration has stayed pretty much the same over the years only growing with new small modern pieces year by year. That’s ok. You’re traditional to a point, but you’re not Christmas head-to-toe. Make sure your decorations are the same color and fit perfectly with the room even if it wasn’t Christmas. Even the tree needs to blend in. However, you don’t want to clutter your space with decorations, choose only a few that really help boost the room and complement it.

5. Festive but minimal

If you like to be cute with your decorations, but you don’t want to overdo it including hanging stars can be a good thing to try. If your decoration technique is to have a few things here and there, then you want main pieces that make enough of a statement. Big stars that you can hang from the ceiling can really bring festivity into your home and give you a strong feeling of warmth.

6. OTT

Christmas is all about being over the top. For a lot of us, we go a little crazy and it’s go big or go home. But that doesn’t mean we’re tacky. We are the masters at Christmas decorating in style. And we accomplish this by not being afraid of big Christmas trees and even miniature ones. Include a lot of candles to create an ambience and mix them up in variation to size. And when it comes to ornaments, the more the better – after all, it’s only Christmas once a year!

What type of decorator are you? Let us know in the comments below…


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  1. Ok. I love ALL of these! The ‘Not So Traditional’ is so me! Thanks for providing me with some more ideas on decorating for the holidays!


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