Finally! Here’s Why Talking To Yourself Actually Makes You A Genius

cgd1Known for being the first sign of madness, talking to yourself doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. But if you find that you’re often nattering away to yourself, don’t panic you may actually be smarter than you think. In fact, according to a study featured in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology those who talk to themselves are actually benefiting and may even be the cleverest of us all. Don’t believe it? Well here’s why…

Talking out loud helps you to articulate what you’re saying

Well, that’s what science says anyway, but what this really means is that when you say things out loud you hear how ridiculous your thoughts may be. Ever thought of a great idea, only to say it out loud and realise it’s absolutely awful? When you voice an idea it’s like you are hearing someone else present the idea to you, helping you to realise if it’s genius or just completely useless.

Saying something out loud makes it real

Simply thinking that you will do something makes the thought easy to dismiss. When you just think it, you’ll always have ‘the thought was there’, but saying it aloud creates a commitment. When you say a goal out loud you’re much more likely to reach it, and have more chance of earning that genius status after all.

Talking to yourself is motivational

There’s nothing like a pep talk when you’re lacking in motivation, and it’s much more effective when the speech is given out loud. When you deliver a pep talk to yourself out loud it may feel corny, but it will actually make you more likely to get things done, and the more you do the more of a genius you will be.

It takes you back to the all important basics

The way that children learn is fascinating, and the older we get the more we forget the all important resources we used to use to gain knowledge. According to a recent study, children learn a new language by saying the words out loud and making sense of what they are. Essentially, imitating child-like behaviour means that you are sure of what you are doing, and could potentially make you a genius. Sounds silly, but essentially it comes down to the fact that being childish is really just being clever.

It’s a habit of the smartest of people

If you’re still not convinced then you should be reassured by the fact that Albert Einstein, arguably one of the smartest people to have lived, shared the same habit of talking to himself. Repeating sentences out loud to make sense of them is part of what made him intelligent, so if Einstein does it then it’s pretty much a given that it’s going to make you a genius.


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  • ronlet

    I talk to my self all the time lol good to know I’m a genius!

  • Anika Hunt

    Love this post!

    Anika |

  • yvonnelaura

    Funny article! Although, not quite convinced that I’m a genius;-)

  • Noah Armstrong

    I love that, finally all the legit reasons i’m not crazy for talking to myself

  • Noah Armstrong

    Love that, haha finally all the legit reasons i’m not crazy for doing that

  • Noah Armstrong

    Love that, haha finally all the legit reasons i’m not crazy

  • Noah Armstrong

    Love that!

  • Noah Armstrong

    Love that, haha finally all the reasons i’m not crazy for that

  • Samantha

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one!!

    Blue Eyed Adventurer

  • Dorit

    I admit I talk quite much to myself turning ideas around in my head, reminding myself of stuff or giving myself a pep talk. Haven’t talked to myself aloud yet though… maybe I should start behaving like the genius I am LOL ;-)

  • Linda D.

    I totally agree with you Em! Especially with making everything you say out loud real – that’s how every major project starts out for me. Get an idea -> Say it -> Make it happen. It’s like having it our there suddenly makes it achievable.

    Linda D. ❇

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