You’ve Got This! How To Finally Nail Your Health & Fitness Goals in 2016

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Welcome to the beginning of 2016, a time to try your hardest to shed that winter weight and eventually decide it’s better to just let nature take it’s course. I mean, it is the season of cosy jumpers right? Well if you actually have health and fitness goals for 2016, here’s how you can finally nail them.

1. Let’s Stay Positive!

Getting fit and healthy isn’t a five minute quick solution, it’s a continuous and long process. Keep positive, and though you may have your bad days, the best thing to do is remember you learn everyday, and so does your body. If your body wants chocolate, eat it and don’t feel guilty – but don’t beat yourself up. It’s ok to eat some naughty food as long as you put the work in.

2. Pick Realistic Goals

As much as we all would like to say we are the penultimate figure of health and fitness, that’s probably – sorry – not the case. Don’t throw yourself into it so much that you can’t even walk the next day – choose goals that you can stick to and work yourself up to those bigger steps.

3. Try To Keep It Healthy

Even though you may be working out for three hours in the gym, what you put in your body might be ruining all your hard work. Have a look at what is best for you to eat before and after the gym, and try to keep to a healthy and flavourful lifestyle – although it’s hard, you’ll reap the benefits!

4. Do What You Enjoy

Spin class might burn 500 calories, you aren’t going to stay committed to it if you really don’t enjoy it. Choose gym routines and classes that you enjoy and look forward to completing – if you pick exercises which you cant stand there’s more of a chance that you’ll talk yourself out of going to the gym more than once.

5. Let’s Go Outside

By getting out of the gym occasionally and enjoying the outdoors is the perfect way to mix up your exercise regime. Going for a run outside or taking a hike in the sun is a good way to keep you motivated and it stops you getting bored of the gym and same routines.

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