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It’s only 73 sleeps until Christmas and 81 until New Year’s Day. Does that depress or excite you? Typically, most of us start preparing for our new year’s resolutions a week or so before the big day. Get a head start on 2017 for once. Here’s our guide to getting organized!

Think About What Works For You Personally:
Being organized means something different for everyone. So before you get down to it, think about what you want your organized life to look like. Is it getting up earlier every day to exercise, or having nothing to do in the evenings after 6 PM, or having your weekends completely free?

Visualize and write down what you want your life to be like so you can have a clear direction for your organizing. A Pinterest board can be great for this too!

Tidy Your Home:
We really recommend doing it a la Marie Kondo! Her KonMari method promises you will never have untidy clutter again. The best bits: you don’t need to buy any new storage methods because she assures you that you have all the storage space you need, at the end, you’ll always know where everything you need is because everything will have a home.

She advises that you make a space (mine is a shoebox) for all the contents you always need in your handbag, which has seriously changed my life. An organized home means an organized mind!

Schedule Domestic/Household Tasks:
There are adult things we all need to do like laundry, cleaning, budgeting, taking the trash out, grocery shopping, changing sheets. Don’t wait until you’ve run out of clean underwear, can’t get to the bottom of your sink, or your card is being denied!

Work out which day of the week is best for you to do these tasks. Maybe it’s doing them all on the same day (I find Sunday afternoons are perfect for me), or maybe it’s scattering them across various evenings of the week if you want the weekend clear. Try out different ways and then start implementing the one that works!

Planning And Lists:
Get a planner and a notebook for to-do lists (or combine both, if you can!). There are loads of apps for these too! These will become your staple life-organization items – the planner for scheduling everything going on in your life and never forgetting an appointment again, the notebook for writing down every last little thing you need to do so you know exactly what your tasks are.

Write in these regularly and try keeping them on you at all times! I fill out my planner on the weekend for the week ahead, and then add things to it where necessary. I constantly add and edit lists in my notebook. Crossing things out gives me a really concrete satisfaction and sense of accomplishment!

Get Ready The Night Before:
Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, preparing everything you need for tomorrow the night before will be a godsend. Check the weather and get your outfit ready (get everything out, including accessories!). Pack your bag. Get your lunch and thermos ready. Even if you get up two hours before work in the morning, it frees up your time for something like yoga or reading or journaling! Preparing is everything.

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Larissa Scotting

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  • bekswhoknits

    I’ve recently started laying out my clothes for the morning and it has made mornings so much easier!
    I am actually shocked at how much it has made a difference, and how out of kilter I am when I wake up in the morning and don’t have a coathanger ready and waiting for me.

  • Elishia

    Not being allowed to work over the last few months (US work permits are delightfully slow) I made the mistake of thinking that I didn’t need to be organised… BIG MISTAKE. I really need the structure in my life, so I’m starting to implement organisation into my life now, while I’m waiting for work to come along! This post is a great start!

  • NuttyHiker

    I am a big time list person and lists do help! One thing I need to start doing though is putting out what to wear the night before (for not only myself, but also my kids) I think it would be a big game changer in the mornings!

    Xo, Bridget
    Antics of a Nutty Hiker

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