How To Find A Balance Between Work And Your Love Life

Juggling your personal life with your career is far from easy. Knowing when to put your career or love life first is a challenge, and there are no set guidelines for how to do so. Often to be happy we want both a successful career and a committed relationship, but without a balance between the two it can be a recipe for disaster.

The key to balance is prioritising

There will be times when either your job or your relationship are demanding more from you. You may have a big pitch coming up at work, or your partner may be going through a difficult time and need your support, knowing what needs the most urgent attention is essential. You have to accept that neither your job or your love life will always have first priority, so handling each situation separately and prioritising based on the situation at hand is a good way to help find the balance.

Communication will make life easier

If you partner has an active interest in what you do they are much more likely to be understanding during the times that work has to come first. If you find that you are stressed at work, then this is something that your partner should know about and likewise with your colleagues regarding your home life.

Don’t combine the two too much

Whilst your career and your relationship shouldn’t be kept completely separate, it’s healthy to view each as two different aspects of your life. Having a career makes you independent, and allows you to be your own person outside of your relationship, whilst your love life can be the perfect escape from the stresses of work. Focus is required for both, but it’s necessary to place your attention in one thing at a time so that you can successfully find the balance between the two.

You could benefit from establishing some boundaries

With there being a fine line between your work and love life there needs to be a point where the two are cut off from each other. If you are out for a meal with your partner then don’t check your phone, or if you are in the office don’t spend the whole day texting your partner. Knowing when your work life ends and your love life begins is essential for you to find balance, and will help you to be aware when you are giving too much attention to one part.

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  • Angelica

    My husband calls my laptop the “other man.” It’s hard to unplug sometimes.

  • Bethany Austin

    Loved reading this post! I think more people need to switch off their work phones for a while when they’re with their partner but it’s important to also understand if your partner has career commitments.

    Bethany ( x

  • Megan

    Great post. I sometimes bring my significant other out with work friends, but try not to force the two worlds together too much. I agree it’s healthy to keep them separate for the most part.

  • Linda D.

    I agree with setting boundaries and prioritizing. Don’t do crazy overtime every day and don’t be late to work every morning because you had to drink coffee with your significant other. Just take it easy and remember that it’s perfectly possible to have both happy relationship and great career as long as you talk with the other person and use common sense.

    Linda D. ❈

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