QUIZ: Who Is Your Ideal Guy Based On Your Career?


Together with Badoo, we created a quiz for every independent woman looking for a guy. Did you know, with Badoo, you can choose to find your ideal guy based on their lookalike - whether it's Justin Bieber or Henry Cavil - we've had so much fun with it, check it out here.

Being an independent woman is the future, you know what you want and how to get it. But you can be independent and have the perfect relationship, too. Finding the right guy that will support, inspire and empower you is the first (and most difficult) step. So let us take the hard work out of your dating search and find your ideal guy based on your career.

Score this quiz as you go along and let us know what your results were in the comments below...

Q1. Which Sex And The City character describes you best?

Samantha. (a)
Carrie.  (b)
Charlotte. (c)
Miranda. (d)

Q2. How would you describe your career?

Creative and fun. (b)
Analytical and strategic. (c) 
Managerial and high-pressure. (a)
Administrative and logical. (d)

Q3. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Check my phone immediately. (b)
Work out. (c)
Hit snooze (multiple times). (a)
Check my emails. (d)

Q4. How do you plan your work day?

Using a weekly planner and an app or program. (c)
Multiple notebooks help me plan my day. (b)
I swear by an app on my phone. (d)
I make plans but I never stick to them. (a)

Q5. What do you do when work is over?

I stay at work until I’ve got everything finished, sometimes even later. (d)
I run out of the door as soon as I can. (b)
I’m already at after-work drinks. (a)
I go home when things are wrapped up straight to Netflix. (c)

Q6. What kind of guy do you usually go for?

Someone fun-loving and spontaneous. (c)
Someone nurturing and protective. (b)
I always pick the wrong guy! (a)
Someone intelligent who knows what they want. (d)

Q7. What do you do on the weekends?

I work on weekends. (d)
During the weekend I'm all about chilling out. (c)
I work on all my personal goals. (b)
Weekends are for partying! (a)

Q8. What’s your ideal date?

Romantic candlelit dinner. (b)
Watching a movie. (d)
Going to the coolest new hotspot for drinks. (a)
Going on an activity date somewhere cultural. (c)

Q9. What do you find most attractive in a guy?

When he supports my goals and is successful himself. (d)
I like a rule-breaker who knows how to get what he wants. (a)
When he’s got his own life and doesn’t rely on me. (b)
I like someone who puts in the effort to make it work. (c)

Q10. What do you love most about your job?

I love that I have a lot of responsibility. (d)
My coworkers and colleagues make my day. (a)
I love the flexibility and that no day is the same. (b)
I love the stability and structure to my day. (c)

Q11. What time do you arrive at work?

I’m always fashionably late. (a)
I’ll be there before everyone else. (d)
I’m right on time. (c)
I can work when I want. (b)

Q12. What’s most important to you in life?

My career means everything to me right now. (d)
I believe in having fun and living life to the fullest. (a)
Creating a balance between friends and success is important to me. (b)
Following the plans that I’ve set for myself. (c)

Mostly A’s

Your ideal guy is fun and spontaneous!

In your day-to-day, you give it your all, but you do not sacrifice fun to make it happen. You’re a go-getter who brings positivity to your life and you need a relationship that supports that. Your ideal guy supports you but doesn’t suffocate you, he can understand where you're going in life and what you’re doing, because he's got his own goals and dreams to work on. But if you need him on a Friday night, he'll definitely be there. Ready to meet him?

Download Badoo and find him on the biggest dating network in the world. You can fill in your profile with more detail than ever before. Even down to the music you listen to and the food you like, meaning that your ideal date can be found in just a few clicks. It’ll even tell you if you bump into him on the street as the app lets you know when you’ve bumped into your matches!

Mostly B’s

Your ideal guy is nurturing and protective!

You’re a creative girl who’s sensitive and needs someone to support her. Whether he cooks for you while you work late, or just gives you the motivation you need to go for it. Your ideal guy nurtures you when you don’t have time to nurture yourself. He’s a fixer, so he likes to take care of you while he works on himself.

The easiest way to find him is to fill in your profile with Badoo. You can fill in everything that interests you, build a huge profile, and find someone who matches your interests.

Mostly C’s

Your ideal guy is caring and stable

Your career means a lot to you, you like to plan, organize and have structure to your life and you’re most at home when you can stay within your plans. That’s great, but it means you need a guy who can appreciate those qualities and has a stable job and life already. You’re looking for someone who is already working his way up the ladder and doesn’t need you to fix his life.

Find the perfect guy to support your lifestyle by downloading Badoo and filling in your profile. You can even video chat before you meet him and verify your LinkedIn profile to it to find guys who are as career driven as you! It's changing the dating game for independent women.

Mostly D’s

Your ideal guy is as successful as you are

You are a high-flyer. You’ve got a lot going for you and you work hard, sometimes you need to remember to play hard but your ideal guy will forgive you for that. Your guy is smart and successful, but he has more time than you so he can remind you to take a break every so often. He’s a high-flyer with a big heart. He’s high-energy and hardworking but is willing to put that hard work into a relationship too. Plus, he won’t be mad when you bring work home with you and decide to stay late after work.

You can use Badoo to meet that perfect guy. All you have to do is fill in your profile in as much detail as possible, and look for a guy who seems to match with your lifestyle values. It’s a hugely safety-conscious dating app - Badoo encourages phone verification, alongside other secure features such as video chat. This also means that while you’re busy with the million other things you’re doing, you can easily fit in time to have a face to face conversation and get a good impression of the guy first!



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