5 Things To Try If You’re Looking For A New Job In 2017


finding a new job quickly
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As the New Year approaches, the excitement about 2017 and all the changes we’re going to make is starting to hit. And as Career Girls, some of our most important New Year’s Resolutions are to do with our work! We want to have the best careers possible so that one day we will finally land that dream job. Try and make 2017 that year! We’ve rounded up our top tips for find a new job quickly.

1. Get Buzzed

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the everyday things at work and lose sight of the bigger picture. Don’t forget about your final goal, though!

It’s important you don’t lose the excitement and passion while applying for your dream job because it can affect the quality of your applications. A zesty, buzzing, and exciting attitude can inject your applications with that extra something that sets you apart!

2. Spice Up Your CV

After being in the game for a while, it can be easy to forget about our CV because we’re so used to its contents. But you could be missing out on some opportunities for change!

Rewrite the whole thing in a new, clean, stylish format. Go over everything on it and make sure the content is perfect! Maybe add something new you’d forgotten to include before, or take something out that isn’t relevant anymore. 2017 is a year for giving your CV a makeover!

3. Reach Out To Contacts

It’s easy to forget about just how many people you know in your career who could be a great contact for landing that dream job.

But maybe there’s someone in an amazing, high-level position who could provide you with an incredible reference! Or maybe there’s someone you could reach out to about potential job openings. Check your Linkedin, make a mental list of your contacts, and see if there’s isn’t an opportunity lying in wait with them!

4. Take The Initiative

It’s easy to only remember to apply for the dream job opportunities when they come up on a job board somewhere. But you could be missing out on chances to get your foot in the door ahead of the game!

Make a list of your dream job companies and get in touch even if there aren’t any job openings. Introduce yourself, sum up your experience and include a copy of your CV, explain what your job goals are, and ask if you can set up a meeting with the head of the department you’re interested in!

Maybe there’s an opening coming soon they can share with you, so you’ve got the edge on everyone else. Most importantly, though, they know who you are now and once there is an opening they’ll think of you first!

5. Keep Looking For New Experiences

While you’re waiting for that dream job to finally happen, don’t forget that there are so many things you can do in the meantime to enrich your application!

Look for ways you can strengthen your experiences so you’re the most qualified person there is for your dream job. Maybe there’s a course you could take or an upcoming project at work you could get involved in. Say yes to any and every opportunity you find, so you’re the best candidate out there!

Bring on the dream job, 2017! We can’t wait. What will you be doing to make sure 2017 is your big Career year?

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